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Kinds of Ads DP Is Into

Social Media Advertising
FB, Instagram, and LinkedIn


Started by Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has been the most popular social media platform with more than 4.5 billion active subscribers from all over. FB paid ads are the most productive as they yield maximum ‘Return On Ad Spend.’ Your business can get a maximum positive response from the better-quality ads that you may publish. The ads are less expensive but they yield maximum returns!


Instagram is the most popular American photo and video sharing social networking platform. In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg purchased Instagram for $1.0 Billion. The paid ads on this platform boost brand awareness and guarantee extended targeting. You can even track the success of your campaigns when utilized on Instagram. The success of the paid ads on this platform is more assured!


Launched on May 5, 2003, LinkedIn has been the most popular professional networking platform that has more than 750 million professional subscribers. Since this platform has the most successful professionals, therefore the paid ads here get higher conversion rates. You can promote your products or services and track the visits of the professionals. You can even get a clear picture of profile visits to your ads.

Google Ads

Search – Search ads are very productive among all Google Ads. With these ads, your products and services can reach customers faster than SEO. These ads can even boost the brand awareness of your business along with the services and products. The statistics available with the ads can bring a clearer picture of how consistent your ads and performance are!


‘Call’ ads allow better and positive control on the ads. The calls you count as conversions. The experts are full of appreciation for these ads as they bring measurable results. As a user, you can monitor the effectiveness and then manipulate the expenditures on the ads. You can select to track calls as conversions only when they talk about sales. These ads are very productive and to some extent, they are even better than other paid ads on Google.


The best SEO professionals are always in favor of the ‘Display’ ads on Google. These ads often guarantee superior brand awareness for your business, products, and services. These ads target the audience better and in a more robust manner. You can even get a clear idea of the customer behavior. The experts even find these ads more cost-effective than any other paid ad method or strategy.


Google My Business (GMB) ads are easier to manage and that is the biggest advantage that the users can get. It allows premium options without additional expenditure. You can even take the right measures by looking at the impact as well as the success of the ads. The success rate of GMB makes it more prominent than all other paid ads the businesses use!


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