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By Digital Piloto | Posted on April 17, 2024

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Google Penalty

Google Penalty: Use These SEO Tips to Avoid It

The most popular search engine “Google” is helping millions of users with an incredible search experience.

For this, the prominent search engine unwinds various algorithm updates to offer excellent output to the users.

The algorithm updates are, too, meant to improve the ranking algorithms and levy penalties on low-quality websites.

Do you know about the Google penalty and how SEO or search engine optimization helps avoid this penalty?

Let us understand the same in detail. Keep reading this blog till the last word to attain better knowledge.

What’s Google Penalty?

If we talk in layman’s language, when a website doesn’t act according to Google guidelines, it gets penalized by Google.

Let’s have a professional definition of Google Penalty.

Google Penalty is a conflict between a website and new Google Algorithm updates.

So, if your website content doesn’t match Google’s marketing practices, you could be penalized by Google.

The penalties are of two types,

  • Algorithm Penalties that are caused by algorithm updates;
  • Manual Penalties if there is an infringement of Google Terms of Service by human auditors.

Now, let’s proceed with some SEO tips to help you avoid the Google penalty.

Are you ready to get yourself saved from penalizing your website? Explore further.

SEO: A Savior from Google Penalties

Regardingsearch engine optimization, we have started considering a highly-ranked SERP website.

But it’s possible when SEO is performed carefully and concludes an avoidance of Google penalties.

Let’s dive deep into some points and understand how to use SEO to avoid Google penalties properly.

  • Link farming is an SEO tactic that increases the number of backlinks pointing to a website. It is against search engine guidelines.

    The two Google updates, Google Panda and Google Penguin, were rolled out to target low-quality websites and spammy backlinks. So, if you forget about link farming, your Google Penalty can be avoided.

  • Focus on a Comprehensive Content

    If you want to avoid a Google penalty, creating comprehensive and rich content is important for your website. If the content is lengthy and helpful for users, a Google penalty can’t affect your website.

  • Linking Domain Relevancy or LDR

    LDR means that your website’s link generation should be relatable to your domain or niche. Creating backlinks from genuine websites can avoid the Google penalty.

    For say, if the website belongs to digital marketing, and you are generating a backlink from the website of a healthcare professional, it’s wrong.

    So, to avoid a Google penalty, you can put relevant backlinks on a website.

  • Take Care of Anchor Texts

    Anchor text is an essential aspect used to avoid Google penalties.

    Anchor text is a group of phrases, words, or images that, when clicked, get the user to another webpage.

    So, dividing the anchor texts into proportions and not using general anchor texts can help your website avoid getting penalties from Google.

    Did you find this information useful? Go through the above SEO tips and avoid the Google Penalty immediately.

    Contact our expert if you need a comprehensive understanding of Google Penalty and its avoidance.