PPC Stats You Should Know in 2024

You should be aware of PPC Stats 2021

The past year has seen different reactions to the economic catastrophe depending on the sector. Some areas have felt the influence of this more than others, but it's certain that PPC marketing is here to stay and will be proven if statistics for 2021 show anything.

According to the eMarketer report, an upsurge in search ad spend of up to 5.9% is expected for 2020. Although advertisers are still waiting for the impression of new legislation, PPC has demonstrated that it is one of the best campaign types for creating business development this year.

Even during this period of diminished economic activity, PPC ads can be transformative for your business because:

  • This method reliably gives near-instant responses.
  • A reliable source of good-quality leads is available through them.
  • Better control of your marketing spending.
  • It includes powerful targeting options.
  • It's measurable and easy to optimize.
  • It can be used to complement existing digital marketing methods.

Monitoring and tweaking your PPC campaign is significant for establishing success. To do that, we’ve collected some of the best pay-per-click data and statistics in recent years to help guide your strategic decisions when it comes to setting up your drive.

You should be aware of PPC Stats 2021

Google AdWords Statistics for 2021

The following PPC statistics outline the search marketing landscape. Presently, these stats show which companies are ruling pay-per-click advertising with their high CTRs and how much business each company gets from users clicking on ads.

1. $110 Billion was spent on search advertising in 2020 (Statista, 2021).

PPC statistics 2021 show how businesses are investing in PPC management and has increased their spending on PPC ads to produce revenue. This information about the effectiveness of PPC ads clearly demonstrates that business owners and marketers recognize them.

2. PPC is one of the top three best channels for high-volume leads (Formstack, 2020).

In its study, Formstack found that PPC is third in the lead generation methods used by marketers. The company's survey revealed that on-page conversions account for 24% of leads while email marketing accounts for 18%.

3. Seventy-seven percent of online users are able to easily spot a paid search ad. (Clutch, 2018).

Why is this piece of PPC information pertinent? Ads are an actual way to market your business, but people have developed a general dislike for them because of offensive traditional advertising and sketchy online advertising techniques.

4. For every 100 people who see a PPC ad, 11.38 of them click on it. (Sparktoro, 2019).

Ads occupying different search positions may vary in their CTR, but a properly optimized ad can imagine an average of about 11 percent. This is by no means the maximum for any given campaign and should be considered as a benchmark to determine if your campaigns are successful.

5. A third of surveyed users say they click on paid search ads because it directly answered their search request. (Clutch, 2018).

Users trust ads that speak to them, and in a survey of 506 respondents, 75% said they click on ads that make it easier for them to find the information they're looking for. This highlights the importance of creating ads that address users' queries or are relevant to them in order to attract their attention and earn a click-through.

Users trust advertisements that focus on their needs and attempt to solve the issues they have. A survey of 506 respondents revealed that 75% clicked on ads that addressed their queries or were relevant to them. Creating such ads helps attract the attention of users and earn a click-through.

Google AdWords Statistics

Search ads are influential marketing tools that take into account the user’s search intent in determining relevance. Figures show how users behave around advertisements – use them to improve your quality score!

  • Between the different types of PPC ads, text ads are by far among the most popular. 49% percent of users prefer these when they're presented with both shopping and video ads (31% and 16%). (Clutch, 2018).

Ads are designed for people with diverse stages of the buying journey in mind. Text ads speak to those doing product research, and VAST (Video Advertising System by Google) type ads get clicks from people ready to buy something right away.

  • Over 27% of people now use an ad blocker. (Search Engine Journal, 2021).

Advertisers lost approximately $35 billion in revenue in 2020 due to the increased usage of ad blockers. Twenty-nine percent of all people with an ad blocker use desktop and laptop computers, while 19% use their smartphone and 7% use tablets. One way to circumvent software that blocks ads is by targeting consumers on mobile devices exclusively.

  • The top three reasons people use ad blockers are they are shown too many ads (49%), being shown irrelevant/annoying ads (47%), and ads being too intrusive (44%). (Global Web Index, 2019).

Given the same study, 38% of users admitted that they used an ad blocker because they did not like ads taking up too much screen space and also because bugs and viruses are prevalent in adverts. Basically, these advertisers are hurting both themselves and revenue by displaying ads without user consent.

Google Ads Statistics

Google Ads leads the pack in advertising because it controls most of the world's search traffic. With Google Ads, you can increase internet visits to your website and drive sales for your business. To learn about useful statistics--such as a click-through rate or average cost-per-click--you can look at these Google Ads statistics.

1. 65.7% of People Favor Google over Facebook and TikTok. (seoClarity, 2021).

Google is the most trusted technology company in America, according to recent surveys. These polls show that 65% of survey data were received from Americans who are likely to always trust Google’s information without verifying it independently, with other tech giants not far behind.

2. The Average Click-Through Rate for Google Ads is 1.91% (WebFX, 2019).

Surprisingly, Bing Ads has a higher conversion rate than Google with a CTR of 2.83%. It also has lower CPC rates at around $1-2 per click and is very affordable to add keywords to an existing campaign as opposed to Google’s much higher CPC charges ($20-30).

3. Google's Conversion Rate for Ads is now 3.75%. (WebFX, 2019).

While the average conversion rate for Bing Ads is only 2.94 percent, keep in mind that with 53 million desktop users, Bing allows you to reach a wider audience than Google's network which reaches up to 3 million people primarily via mobile devices.

A Report on the E-Commerce PPC Statistics

International PPC stats show that paid traffic is cheaper for eCommerce than other types of advertising. This gives you plenty of flexibility in managing your PPC campaign while keeping your marketing budget to a minimum. Use these international pay-per-click statistics as the basis for managing your PPC strategy.

1. 70% of search traffic stems from phrases that are between 4 and 6 words long. (QuanticMind, 2019).

Some unique modifiers are found in 16% of searches for "bottoms" (i.e., men's shirts, women's shorts) and references to an event in 45% of "dress" searches (i.e., wedding dress, graduation dress).

2. About 60% of eCommerce queries come from users looking for information to learn about a broad category or product. (Google, 2018).

This is a helpful tip for online shopping that will improve your search engine optimization. By understanding who your audience is and the intent behind their search, you can adjust the design of your e-commerce PPC ads to better capture their attention and increase the likelihood of a conversion.

Amazon PPC Statistics

Amazon is a major eCommerce platform on the internet today, and as such, it can be challenging to keep up with the competition. Using PPC stats 2021 to refine your ad strategy can increase your product visibility and revenue - we've compiled below some of our findings on this subject.

1. Amazon's sponsored product ads generate the most sales per click than any other advertising format. (Media Post, 2018).

People typically rely on search rankings to guide their purchase decisions. With Amazon’s Sponsored Ads, your products have the prime position above all other organic results which increases sales in no small way.

2. When consumers search for a product, they are likely to start looking for it on Amazon 66 percent of the time, and that percentage increases to 74 when seeking a specific item. (Feedvisor, 2019).

People use Amazon as their guide for many products, and those with the intention of making a purchase are even more likely to use Amazon pay-per-click statistics.

3. The average click-through rate for Amazon Ads is 0.41%. (JungleTopp, 2020).

Although it's hard to find data on paid search statistics across different platforms, the CTR is too low. This number reflects the quality of your ads level and how competitive they are against other advertisers on your platform.

4. The conversion rate for Amazon’s PPC is 9.55% (JungleTopp, 2020).

Amazon Ads has a 618% higher conversion rate than other platforms, but this doesn't mean the cost-per-click (CPC) is also higher. Despite a low average clickthrough rate on Amazon ads, shoppers are more likely to convert because they enter the site intending to buy something.

Social PPC Statistics 2021

There are over five billion people with accounts, making it the second-largest social media platform in the world. Finance and insurance company Prudential has doubled their advertising budget this year from $1 million to $2 million in order to maximize visibility on social media, but small businesses have options too—both paid ads through a third party like Google

1. The average CTR for social media ads is around 1.3% and was up from 1.2% in the previous year (Statista, 2021).

These social media statistics may look low at first glance, but when you consider the billions of users that populate these sites and the potential reach you can get from a well-executed social media ad strategy, it would be invaluable.

2. 83% of marketers that cover business to business (B2B) advertising ranked social media as their second-most successful strategy in driving leads, following search engine marketing. (Content Marketing Institute, 2021).

Social media remains one of the most used channels for pushing sponsored content, with LinkedIn leading the way as a top choice for B2B advertising.

3. Social media has become the most influential factor for 37% of all online shoppers when deciding what to purchase. (PwC, 2021).

Product recommendations on social media act as social proof, marketing research available through these platforms. Use this to your advantage by using engaging ads that will promote prospective customers and past buyers.

4. Marketing experts find that videos are the most effective ad format for social media, followed by images, Instagram Stories, and carousel ads. (Search Engine Journal, 2019).

The effectiveness of an ad depends on what type is used. As different ad types resonate with audiences, it is important to create the right type of ads to meet your goals.

PPC Pays Off

PPC still remains one of the best ways to generate revenue for your business. While cost-effective and generally successful, you need to harness the transformative power of PMP advertising by taking note of our paid search statistics above.

If you need help launching a PPC campaign or strategizing for one, Thrive is the agency to provide it. We guarantee your growth potential will be maximized through our data-driven approach and assistance with the management of your campaign.

Contact us today for more information about our personalized process.


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