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Website Re-Designed with Digital Marketing Pros: A Complete Guide

A website must stand up for your brand identity, its mission, vision, and values. As your brand transforms and evolves, so must your website. A bad website will eventually reduce your conversion rates, increase your bounce rates, and ultimately result in losses. Whether your website needs to be refreshed or re-designed, it is essential for your digital marketing strategy to work out.

First, understand how a re-design differs from refresh:

A website requires to be refreshed when older images, content, or even older keywords are still good to go; the site is user-friendly and doing great, but just requires some upgrading to be done.

A website is re-designed when the site is not quite easy to navigate, the pages do not have accurate content, products or services offered have changed, the colour scheme is backdated, and/or it is not a good enough representation of your brand currently.

Why consider a website re-design:

  • Having a fast-loading and impressive that provides visitors with what they are looking for in lesser time will improve your online traffic and presence, too.
  • Website redesigns boost organic search, by optimizing your search engine, and reduce bounce rates largely.
  • A strong and working website only requires maintenance instead of a major breakdown, and in the end, the conversions pay for the redesign.

The good news is, our digital marketing company in India is among the best digital marketing agencies that will do it all for you at the most affordable rates!

Our digital marketing company in India will level up your online game with the help of our team of pros, who never forget to analyse the following points before moving on Website Re-Designed with Digital Marketing:

  •  your target audience;
  •  the kind of solutions you’re providing through your brand;
  •  ease of navigation;
  •  pages generating the maximum number of leads;
  •  bounce rates;
  •  page that receives the most traffic; and
  •  complaints regarding website or overall user experience.

Long story short, we’re the best digital marketing company in India for implementing the following aspects in your website by completely re-designing it:

  • Ease of navigation across the website.
  • Aesthetics of visual branding- A graphic designer understands the psychology beyond colours and fonts, and that it is not just about fun but also about adding meaning.
  • Pages should not be overloaded with content and images, instead white space should be left for comforting the visitor’s eye.
  • Content should be about giving out quality information, using keywords, and making sure that it is good to read.
  • The better your content is, the higher indexing the pages will have.
  • Mobile Friendliness- Websites are more often viewed on mobile devices nowadays, compared to a desktop. The mobile website design should be less cluttered; images will be scaled down along with any other assets.
  • Speed of loading- Slow websites encourage visitors to leave, which increases your bounce rate and brings your SEO rankings down.

Reach out to our digital marketing company in India to give your website an innovative, practical and appealing re-design, and experience amazing growth in traffic, and dive into higher and engaging online presence.


Digital Piloto, June 29, 2021

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