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Website Design Strategy for your Brand: 5 Best key points to remember

A website is like your visiting card. But, having an outdated website will lower down your conversions, and increase bounce rates. It will also affect your ranking (and rating) on Google. A website design strategy for your brand is more like an interface that serves a purpose. We employ the following proven strategies for digital marketing in South Africa, to keep your brand’s website ranking intact:

1. User experience (or, UX design

A good and cherishing user experience comprises a design that revolves around the users’ needs and problems, addressing them with respective solutions. We improve user experience by constantly working on these factors that add value to your website-

  • Informative content that’s worth all the time invested;
  • Ease of navigation that makes your website easy to use;
  • Concise and clear-cut optimization, so that the user gets an idea of what to expect;
  • Reliable sources of information that help build credibility and trustworthiness among visitors, and improve conversions.

2. Quality content

Keeping the crowd engaged with updated content on a regular basis, that provides useful and relevant information, drives online traffic. This is not only true for the content on your blog, social media, or email marketing but also the content on each page of your website design strategy for your brand.

3. Mobile-friendly approach

More than half of Google’s searches are performed on smartphones. These users are very goal-oriented, expect to instantly get answers to their questions.

Thus, the page must load in seconds (ideally, 2 seconds is the maximum waiting time), to provide solutions to what they are looking for. Short and sweet does the trick here- instead of extensive menus that require scrolling actions.

4. Calls to Action (or, CTAs)

An effective way to convert one-time visitors into customers is by integrating calls to action. They can also be used to collect email IDs for sending newsletters or even following up later on. The purpose of such CTAs is to offer people value in exchange for providing contact details. Effective CTA’s are prominent and available on most pages of a website with easily understandable instructions.

5. Constant improvement and up-gradation of SEO

The constantly changing algorithm and policies of Google’s search engine might affect your SEO rankings either positively or negatively. Our renowned company for digital marketing in South Africa employs the best digital marketing consultant for reviewing, designing, or developing website design strategies for your brand, and optimizing SEO to improve rankings and conversions.

If you need help with your content marketing, SEO, and social media, for building your brand’s online presence, our company for digital marketing in South Africa will implement all-powerful digital marketing campaigns to get you on top of the list- call us now!


Digital Piloto, June 19, 2021

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