Trends in Branding, Design and UX That Are Coming in 2023

Will your company's branding and design stay the same as when you first created it? No, they won't. Your business needs to grow with marketing leanings while still keeping its core values. Correspondingly, the user experience (UX) is constantly changing along with technology advancements and their many possibilities.

With that in mind, this article will list the branding, design and UX trends of 2023 so your business can stay ahead of the curve.

Dark mode

The first digital marketing trend on our list for 2023 has to do with the UX of a company's or eCommerce website. You've possibly heard of dark mode by now- it's an option that appears in many user interfaces and mobile applications. With dark mode (as opposed to light mode), the platform has a dark surface, making text and other elements more visible.

The dark mode is an actual design tool that has been around for a while, but it hasn't been utilized much in the past. However, dark mode is becoming one of the most popular trends of 2023. Not only will using dark mode give your platforms a more sophisticated look, but it also has practical benefits. Dark mode can improve web visibility and readability, conserve device power, and reveal more detail in images and videos.

In 2023, we'll see an uptake in the number of companies that offer a subscription-based model on their platform. This is because users prefer this option to the standard mode.

Tailor-Made Logos

Your brand is present on numerous platforms, each with its necessities for your logo. Your logo might appear as a profile photo on one platform, and in a banner or video on another. As time goes by, the possibilities will only increase.

If your company has a corporeal storefront in addition to its online presence, then this is even more crucial. In today's digital marketing age, companies must have logos that can be adapted to different sizes. It's not enough to simply have one logo; you must also have simplified versions of your logo that can be easily recognized when viewed in smaller formats.

Even though you might create different versions of your logos, they must share the same visual features and vibe. Otherwise, potential customers won't perceive them as belonging to the same company — which would defeat the purpose of having a coherent digital marketing strategy in the first place.

Communicating Branding

In 2023, interactive branding will be a popular marketing trend as customers see brands not only as providers of products and services but also as experience providers. They want to communicate with brands and have two-way interactions.

When we talk about interactive branding, we're discussing marketing actions that allow users to shape the brand's direction. In other words, it's not enough to post on a blog or notify your audience of new products. The general public wants you to answer their questions directly, show interest in their buying process, and make them feel cared for throughout their journey with the brand.

There are plenty of ways to create interactive content and make your customers feel like the center of your universe. Questionnaires, surveys, infographics, personalized emails, and websites with animations and interactions on social media platforms are all great options for upping your customer engagement levels.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Audience-perceived ads that are more diverse and inclusive see a higher engagement rate. Diversity and inclusivity have been trending for some time now, not just in digital marketing, but in other aspects of life as well, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Concurrent with the public's swelling concern for social issues, they also now expect the brands they buy from to share these values. Therefore, organizations must demonstrate their effort to improve conditions in areas such as ecology or equality if they won't stay competitive in 2023.

Connecting people is what will win businesses the hearts of patrons, and this can only be achieved by shunning conventional thinking and promoting diversity.

One way to show inclusivity and diversity in your branding is by sharing stories of real people, without photo filters or a script, who have tried your products and services. But there are many other ways to get more people to identify with your brand- 2023 is the best time to try them all!

Metaverse in Design and UX

Metaverse in Design and UX

Surely you have heard of the Metaverse and it is not surprising that it is one of the trends in branding, design, and UX of 2023. However, do you know what it is? The Metaverse is a virtual world in which users (through digital devices) can carry out activities of their daily lives while in contact with other users. Working, studying, playing or having meetings are some of the activities that can be done in this new reality. And, as a brand, the Metaverse offers you a new universe in which to expand and communicate. In a Metaverse, brands will be able to create their avatars and interact with consumers in a more direct and personal way. This will allow them to get to know them better and understand their needs. In addition, the Metaverse will offer brands a new way to create experiences and messages that connect with consumers on an emotional level. As we enter the era of metaverses, brands will need to rethink their strategies to take advantage of this new opportunity.

Undoubtedly, the metaverse will be one of the most interesting projects in the coming years. Many companies have already shown their interest in this virtual world, and we can expect many more to join shortly. Coca-Cola has already developed the first flavor of a soft drink within the metaverse, and Nike has opted for NFTs to put digital shoes on sale with exclusive designs. This is just the beginning - we can expect to see many more innovative uses of the metaverse in the years to come.

In a world where brands are constantly vying for attention, it can be easy to forget that promotion is not the only option available to them. In addition to creating products, brands can also develop promotion strategies that allow users to consume them in real life. For example, brands can offer discounts or coupons that can be redeemed at retail locations. They can also host events or experiences that give users a chance to try out their products in person. By thinking outside of the traditional marketing mix, brands can find new and innovative ways to connect with their audience.

Simplifying Information Architecture and User Journeys

A principle that has been important for a while now, simplicity will be key to success in 2023 when it comes to UX. When users encounter brands online, they want an effortless journey--not one bogged down by complexity. To give your audience the best experience possible, make sure your marketing trends emphasize simplification rather than more distractions. Stop putting off making your platforms more accessible, comfortable, and easy to use. There are two key things to consider when planning your websites: design and functionality. That's it. Choose a clean design over one with too much going on that will only serve to confuse and frustrate users. A minimalist, intuitive design is always best. And remember: in UX, less is more. You can, and should, still add new features to your website as you create more products or services. However, you must learn how to do this correctly so that your site visitors have the best possible experience.

The Rise of Voice User Interfaces

Voice search is an option that has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years. In fact, it has become one of the branding, design, and UX trends of 2023 that are attracting the attention of brands.

We don't have to type into search engines with a keyboard anymore, because of voice user interfaces such as Alexa, Google, and Siri. And this is only the beginning– the market for these types of devices is estimated to grow until it reaches 25 billion dollars by 2025.

The increase in voice user interfaces is due to the public's dwindling patience and desire for simplicity when using technology.

3D Design

To achieve success, businesses need to grab the attention of their target market. With so many brands and companies vying for attention, organizations must implement creative and original digital marketing strategies. In other words, the competition is tough and you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends if you want your business to succeed.

It is expected that 3D animation will be a popular trend in UX by 2023 because research has shown that the general public enjoys it.

It's no secret that creating 3D animations is a difficult and time-consuming process, but as technology improves, so too will the quality and speed of these animations. 3D animation is currently one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience.

More Design and UX Adapted to Mobile

Today, more people are using their phones to get online than laptops or desktop computers. 54% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices. That's why it's crucial for all businesses that want to stay relevant to have a responsive website design that can be accessed across all platforms.

A responsive website can automatically adjust to different screen sizes, whether it's a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. This increased flexibility means that more people will be able to view and use your site no matter what device they're on.

If you want to achieve a responsive web design, you need programmers who will take care of all the details. Don't worry about investing in a website that can adapt to any device on the market--following this trend is essential today.

In a nutshell, the 2023 design trends for branding and UX are all about the evolving relationship between brands and consumers. With users more in control than ever before, companies need to focus on creating amazing experiences that will make them happy. This means putting humans first, being interactive, and having a clear purpose – every step of the way.

We recommend that you try out these marketing trends one by one to see how they affect your business results. Not every trend will apply to your company or be implemented, but many of them can help improve your brand image and customer relations. You might not see the effects of some right away; usually, it takes time to fine-tune strategies and learn more about each trend before seeing significant changes.


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