How to Enhance your Tourism Business in UAE Through Online Marketing?

Enhance Tourism Business Through Online Marketing in UAE

The travel and tourism industry was one of the first industries that started using digital marketing services. These services also helped the tourism industry to remain on the top. Digital marketing is the technology that creates measurable communication and helps consumers obtain and retain them while building closer relationships.

Digital marketing strategies offer tremendous growth opportunities to the travel and tourism market as they utilize this media to engage with current and prospective customers. A digital marketer analyses the impact of the growing population on the landing page of travel websites, which creates a more connected and personalized experience.

With the advent of Internet technologies, newer avenues have evolved to reach out to the target audiences. The growing role of digital marketing has prejudiced the way the company promotes its offers to existing and new customers. Irrespective of size and type, digital marketing has become an indispensable part of every business. Based on information communication tools, smart tourism comprises of three main components, including the right destinations, great experiences, and smart business systems.

Enhance Tourism Business Through Online Marketing in UAE

Role Of Digital Marketing in the Tourism Industry

Today digital marketing is one of the key focus areas for businesses all over the world; it plays a vital role in the success of the tourism industry. Customers can access all kinds of information about the latest travel offers and best prices through digital marketing.

E-marketing, internet marketing, web-based marketing are interchangeable terms for adopting digital technology in marketing activities. A prerequisite for successful tourist destination marketing is to understand the behavior of tourists at different stages of the travel decision-making process, especially when choosing a destination.

Through internet development, the tourism industry has been disrupted by dramatic changes. Internet users tend to purchase online services in only one click while comparing among the product service providers on a global scale.

For a tourism businessman, the internet could be a weapon for creating a bond between the consumer and the brand. They even assume that traditional marketing strategy is getting unable to create sustainability in a business. Today, people have computers, laptops or mobile devices to access information for all aspects of the tourism industry, from accommodation and travel to food and activities.

Enhance Tourism Business Through Online Marketing in UAE

Current Scenario of the Tourism Sector

The success of the tourism industry is determined through a mobile-friendly website, a strong social media presence, search engine optimization content, email marketing. Digital marketers are not only interacting among the consumers, but also with the brand as their preference.

The reasons why the travel and tourism industries have adopted digital marketing strategies are:

  •  Increased in the number of mobile users
  •  Lowering prices of digital marketing services
  •  Rising effectiveness of social media strategies

Today digital consumption is startlingly diverse compared to the situation a few years ago. Earlier, consumers used to browse destinations and book their itineraries regarding travel and tourism sectors through online mediums using a desktop or personal computer.

But now, the scenario has changed totally; the travel and tourism industry has gradually but rapidly witnessed a shift from desktops to mobile devices. Not just the travel and tourism industry, but the digital market industry as a whole has experienced a great transition. Mobile devices or computers are frequently used in the UAE for every aspect of trip planning.

A successful digital marketing strategy requires the integration and coordination of website features, promotion strategies, and customer relationship management programs.

Importance of Digital Marketing in Travel & Tourism Industry

Digital marketing strategies have revolutionized the tourism and travel industry in various ways. From browsing to booking to post-travel reviews, digital marketing has helped the travel industry reach out to a wider audience. Effective digital marketing is the best way to reach the audience quickly at a low cost.

Enhance Tourism Business Through Online Marketing in UAE

The tourism industry includes all people, activities, and organizations involved in providing services to people on holidays. The tourism industry includes hotels, restaurants and tour guides that can be easily accessible through digital marketing, which was not possible with traditional marketing.

Following are the Characteristics of a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign:

Quality Website

Before establishing a business online, a quality website is a prerequisite in today’s market. It helps your business transcends geographical boundaries to reach new possibilities but acts as a digital destination for your visitors that is accessible 24x7. Marketing experts need to build attractive websites, find ways to attract customers to visit the website, keep them there for a while and bring them back to their website frequently. For new or smaller destinations, a website can be the first touchpoint that someone has with the location.

A high-quality website is vital where all the services are listed with relevant information. The website should be designed so that users can make purchases without the need for any assistance. A good website represents the quality of the business, and thus it should be developed and maintained keeping in mind the functionality of the industry.

Create engaging content

Content is the king that rules the kingdom of digital marketing. Good quality content offers an aesthetic essence to digital marketing, which adds value to the daily life of the viewers. Tourism businesses need to make sure that they post relevant content across different platforms at the right time.

Before deciding the destination of their trip, tourists always research first, so it is vital to appear on blogs or specialized websites that offer an opportunity to answer any questions as quickly as possible and influence their decision. The owner should pay attention not only to the services but also to the needs of the visitors providing the necessary information. Creating informative and engaging original content is the most effective way to engage the users.

Blog posts, videos are examples of original content that can be used to create resources for viewers. In the tourism industry, video and infographics are interactive content to get noticed and engage the users. Website content should be concise, and USPs should be visible. It needs to be updated regularly, keeping in mind the changing needs and preferences of the customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Today SEO is an integral part of digital marketing as the online ranking of a business on various search engines determines the online popularity and helps increase website visits. There is a myth that SEO efforts would lead to immediate results. It is crucial to understand that SEO is an ongoing process and takes time to show results.

SEO plays a vital role in determining the website traffic, and finding the most relevant keywords for the tourism business is the first step towards effective SEO Services. The largest search engine Google understands synonyms so, one should select the keywords carefully.

E-Mail Marketing

Email marketing is not about bombing the inbox of your audiences with emails. It needs to be planned and executed well to ensure maximum returns. Sending personalized emails to users shows that a business cares, which increases the chances of getting an instant reply.

Regular use of email marketing creates opportunities to make any offers for potentially interested guests, who will arrive at the right time and at a minimal cost, which forms the basis for decision-making on future marketing activities.

Email Marketing enables users to know about the latest offers of the hotels, special deals on holiday packages, membership clubs, room availability, and so much more. Users are sent transaction emails to keep them updated about the status of their bookings. Based on the position of the business relationship cycle, send customized offers for various user groups.

Special emails are sent to customers on their birthdays and anniversaries by offering a special price on the services. This method provides an incentive to the customers to purchase while meeting the competitors. Posting email is a great way to maintain a relationship with customers after the transaction has been completed.

Strong Social Media Presence

What a business does digitally today should be mobile-friendly. Most online users today access the internet on their mobile phones and this should be reflected in every aspect of online marketing considerations. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram enable businesses to communicate and talk directly with their users.

Presence on these platforms not only helps the brand establish credibility but improves customer service also. It provides insights into what your customers are doing. Social media is a new marketing tool that lets you know about your customers and potential, which was not possible before. This information and knowledge must be valued with the output of respect, credibility, and honesty.

Attendance on these platforms is not just to promote the latest packages and benefits; it is much more than that. A user will not receive services every day, so a business must be a part of user conversations on this platform. Focusing on posting content that adds value to the lives of listeners will help improve engagement rates. Upload a simple video of travel hacks, and it proved to be one of the most successful digital marketing campaigns of that year.

After all, all these platforms of a brand should not be considered as one. Each of them brings its own set of USPs. Facebook and Instagram should be the top two platforms for the tourism business.


Digital marketing is about using Internet technology to reach and engage with current and new audiences. Today digital marketing has disrupted the industry and changed the way businesses reach customers. The main differences between traditional thematic and digital marketing are the ability to track data on user behavior and campaign performance in real-time. In the tourism industry, disruptions were and are felt a few years ago.

Businesses have changed the way they reach out to users. For any business to be digitally successful in the tourism industry, the above six points- quality website, SEO, email marketing, social media presence, content, mobile-friendly play a vital role.


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