The Future Of Voice Assistants

The Future Of Voice Assistants

Voice Assistants are the Latest Craze in Tech Development

With advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence, computers are now able to comprehend natural language and respond in the likewise manner. This has led to the formation of voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and more-all of which can be accessed through your phone or computer! All these devices have different abilities, but they can all help with everyday tasks like scheduling meetings or making purchases online. You'll never go back to typing again once you start using this new technology.

What are Voice Assistants and How do They Work?

 A voice assistant is a supportive tool that can do everyday tasks for you. It responds to your voice commands, using either text-to-speech or speech recognition technology. This new tech can help with everything from finding nearby restaurants to checking the weather and controlling smart devices like lightbulbs and thermostats (just ask!).


You can customize your voice assistant to have its own exclusive personality. Siri's personality is that of a peaceful, helpful assistant; Alexa speaks in a more perky tone; Cortana has an empathetic personality with a sense of humor (and the best laugh). These digital assistants are built-in apps on your phone or computer-with some you can even buy on Amazon!

Apple's Siri

Apple's Siri is the first digital assistant on the market. She lives on your phone (iOS or Mac) and can help you with things like playing music, setting reminders, finding directions, checking the weather, and more. Although she's great for some tasks, Apple has stuck with what they know for Siri-she only does things that are Apple-related. You can't use her to book flights, check the stock market, or order groceries online.

Siri is still a helpful tool for Digital Marketers who want to be more productive. She can read your emails out loud so you don't have to try it out by going to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn on Siri for Speak Selection. There's also a setting called Listen for your Commands that will automatically open Siri when you say "Hey Siri". This is a Digital Marketing trick-we want our phones listening to us whenever possible!

The Advantages of Using a Voice Assistant

Voice Assistants are here to help Digital Marketers work smarter.

For Digital Marketers, there are a few major benefits to using voice assistants:

They Are Time-Saver

How many times have you gone down an internet black hole? You start searching for something simple, but before you know it, four hours have passed and you've searched through countless irrelevant websites. Digital Marketers know this pain all too well-voiced assistants can help with that.

They Save Money Too!

When you use Google Voice Search, you get the answer to your question almost instantly. Digital Marketing works on experience-so when you work smarter, you charge clients less! Less time looking for information means more time actually getting work done. How does that sound for a Digital Marketing trick?

They're fun

It's not just Digital Marketers that will benefit from using voice assistants-anyone who spends too much time looking for information online will find them useful! Voice Assistants can help you find recipes, check movie times and keep track of your schedule. Digital Marketers know how important it is to save time and make things fun-we also know you'll be hooked once you try out voice assistants and SEO services!

How to use your device's voice assistant for everyday tasks like scheduling meetings or making purchases online. In order to use your Digital Marketing voice assistant, you have to go into the settings and activate it. Once that's done, here are a few Digital Marketing tricks for using voice assistants:

Read Out Loud

Don't want to waste time reading? There's an option in Google Voice Search under Settings called "Read out loud" that will read your screen to you! Digital Marketers know that we spend less time reading and more time writing-so this Digital Marketing trick is a great one.

Get Directions

Want to find out how to get to the office? Ask Google Maps for driving, walking, or bicycling directions. Digital Marketing knows that people love their cars, but Digital Marketers also know that it can be hard to find parking-so Digital Marketing is prepared. Digital Marketing will walk you through the process using Google Maps (we love Google over Apple because their services work across all devices!)

Keep Track of Your Schedule

Want to check when you're supposed to meet with the client?

Digital Marketers know that you need to get things done-voice assistants can help! They save time, money and they're lots of fun. With voice assistants, the possibilities are endless. Want to know more? Ask Google Voice Search anything about voice assistants.


Digital Marketers know that voice assistants are the future of technology. They're a quick and easy way to complete everyday tasks, and they also save you time, money, and stress. Google Voice Search is a great tool for checking your schedule or reading out loud.


Digital Piloto, October 11, 2021

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