The Future of Digital Marketing with the Rising Technology

The Future of Digital Marketing: Embracing Technological Developments for Success

Since the advent of the World Wide Web thirty years ago, the Internet's relevance in people's daily lives has only increased. As a result, it has become more and more necessary to harness the growing power of the digital world in marketing.

The internet is set to play an even more critical role in marketing in the future. If you want to learn comprehensive details about the future of digital marketing with this incredible technology, continue reading the blog.

Feel the Era of Technological Developments Enhancing Digital Marketing

With the development of technology, digital marketing agencies are finding it easier to use digital marketing strategies.

With immense comfort and convenience, the technology has made perfect room for the growth of digital marketing companies. Let’s explore some excellent technological developments that have benefited digital marketing.

Digital Marketing in Kolkata Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is sure to play a much more significant role than it does today. AI tools can only effectively create a social media or blog post with significant changes and user input. But that is sure to change only two to three years down the line since the nature of AI tools makes it so that they adapt to the requirements of users with time.

Soon, digital marketing experts will be able to utilize artificial intelligence tools to generate high-quality posts with higher speed and efficiency. Marketing executives may have to learn entirely new skill sets, and companies will start hiring marketers based on their ability to utilize these artificial intelligence tools effectively.

AI chatbots, now seen only on a few websites, will become commonplace. They provide immediate responses to customers enquiring and are a great way to ensure that a potential buyer spends time on a website.

Social Media

33% of all digital marketing is done on social media platforms. It may seem that social media is already a large part of our lives, and the number of users on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is increasing every day; this will allow marketers to reach a more significant number of people through social media platforms, as well as utilize their highly sophisticated algorithms to reach more and more specific groups of people.

Influencer Marketing

As with Social Media Marketing, since social media platform users are set to grow, so are the number of micro-influencers and their reach.

Spending a lot on influencer marketing is not a tactic that is widely utilized today since the return on investment could be more stable at best. Still, it will become necessary once social media dominates most other marketing avenues.

Honey, for example, was the largest spender on YouTube-based influencer marketing in the year 2022, and the results they have achieved show it.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

VR and AR are tools people usually associate with gaming and leisure. However, this only means they must still be tapped in digital marketing.

Lenskart implemented an augmented reality tool where buyers can virtually 'try on' the pairs of glasses they intend to buy; this increased the number of people buying online and the amount of time people spent with the product.

The mobile game Pokemon Go, released in 2016, was based entirely on augmented reality techniques. People could go out in the real world and interact with virtual in-game elements. It was a huge success that four countries banned it, citing safety hazards for pedestrians and road traffic.

If used innovatively, augmented reality could open up a whole new online marketing technique that has not been considered before.

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The presence of technology and the internet in our lives is undeniable and will only increase. Thus, it stands to reason that the importance and influence of digital marketing will also increase.

Already, more and more people prefer to use online shopping resources rather than go to shops in person. Digital marketing has gone from being a luxury only a few brands used to something necessary if one wants their brand to be relevant, and this rising graph shows no signs of slowing down.


Digital Piloto, August 4, 2023

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