Your Guide to Successful Segmented Marketing Through E-Mail

Segmented Marketing Through E-Mail

Successful Guide: Segmented marketing through E-mail

Segmented marketing is grouping your target audience by certain traits, characteristics, or behaviors, for example, demographics, religions, and shopping habits, to have a large number of small marketing campaigns targeting unique audience groups, instead of having a small number of large marketing campaigns targeting the audiences in general. For example, segmenting your small and big spenders, and sending them specifically targeted newsletters will help your brand gain more attention (and retention) than generally targeted ones. Here, we’ll talk about the segmentation of e-mail marketing campaigns for your brand.

6 Tips to Successful Segmented Marketing Through E-Mail

E-mail marketing still stands high and strong among digital marketing strategies. Having a strong strategy for e-mail marketing in place will help you in converting leads, and increasing your brand value and acceptance exponentially. However, with such diverse opinions on the best ways to get clicked and drive in traffic, it often gets confusing. Hence, here are some tips that you can work on, which are sure to soar your conversion rates high this year:

Segmented Marketing Through E-Mail

1. Create innovative and to-the-point subject lines

There are so many different thoughts and opinions on subject lines- what will be interesting enough to get subscribers to open the mail. Fancy, lengthy, or wordy subject lines, however, make no sense here. Get innovative with it, but make sure it sounds interesting because subscribers prefer to know what they are clicking on.

Honesty and transparency are the keys to guarantee another click.

2. Add focused and tailored content

Do not make the biggest mistake that many brands make by sending the same e-mail to all of their subscribers. Understand that not every subscriber on your list has the same requirements. This is why segmentation of your email list is so important- you’ll be able to send emails that are relevant to their interests and the content is focused on them. This will increase your conversion rates significantly, and decrease the number of those who unsubscribe.

3. Use e-mails as a means to communicate

Would you like to engage in a conversation with a robot rather than a real, named person? No, right? Similarly, when a subscriber receives an e-mail from your brand, it should be more like a conversation than a one-way thing. The e-mail ID should appear to be quite genuine, and mails should have a name and signature, authorized by the owner or someone within the company.

Another way to make it feel more like a conversation is to send the e-mail from a person and enable the reader to reply. Subscribers want to feel like they are chatting with a person. Using chatbots to some extent might help to filter out requirements to cater to client needs more effectively.

4. Put invaluable content

Why do subscribers sign up for an email list in the first place? It’s because you have some information that they want to know and learn more about. So, why flood their inbox with tons of offers and discounts, instead of giving them the information they’ve eagerly been waiting for? There’s a thin line between the offers and valuable information e-mails. Of course, offers and discounts should be shared once in a while; but primarily, they want more information, so that they’re able to choose from whether your products or services are, at all, required.

A good manner to share information without sending a lengthy, boring e-mail, is to send an informative video, or perhaps, a link to a blog post, with a few bullet points for details, to convince them to stay till the end. Finally, in the end, give out an incentive or a deal, to surprise them.

5. Emphasize on a clear-cut call-to-action

Call to action is crucial in all forms of marketing, and most importantly, e-mail marketing. Because, if you’ve been successful in compelling a subscriber to open an e-mail to read its content, then this is a clear indication of his/her interest in taking it forward to complete any required action. Call-to-action needs to be clear in its ease of navigation, and direct the reader or a potential client on what needs to be done next. Here, you may think that the e-mail itself is the CTA; but it is not- there has to be the next step, for example, a button that states, “click here to know more”, “shop now”, “learn more”, “continue reading”, “discover now”, and so on.

6. Engagement over numbers

You may think that having enormous lists of subscribers is what matters most. However, it is always a better idea to focus on building a list of subscribers who actually open your emails.

Clean up your email list now and then by removing such subscribers who’re not interested in opening your e-mails. Then, not only will you be able to focus on the subscribers who are interested in your brand, but also cut down on certain costs- it is, in fact, a cost-effective way to be mindful of rates and multiplies space to add “quality” subscribers to your list.

The best email marketing strategies are about giving out desirable and quality information, connecting, and engaging with your subscribers. If you remain true to these points then you will find success with your e-mail marketing campaigns. If you are interested in getting more tips and tricks or help with setting up emails or their content, we’ll be glad to shake hands with you.

Plus, the Covid-19 era has transformed digital marketing into the only means of communication between brands and clients nowadays. With safety and security being on top of all lists everywhere around the globe at all times, optimize your e-mail marketing strategies and campaigns with us, and experience heights of success within months. So, what you’re best at and why should you be chosen are what you need to keep your customers informed about- we’ll do it in the most innovative and relatable way possible! But how? Leave that on our dedicated team of pros, and you’ll never have to worry about your ROIs, at least!


Digital Piloto, June 3, 2021

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