Google Has Introduced a Retail Search Feature for Ecommerce Sites

Ecommerce Sites: Retail Search Feature

Google's new ecommerce tool brings Google technology to on-site search, allowing customers to find more relevant results. A new ecommerce solution, called Google Shopping Express, provides Google-level search and product recommendations on online storefronts.

Google Cloud has unveiled Retail Search, a tool that provides retailers with the capabilities of Google's search engine on their own domains. It is designed to assist companies in improving their on-site search and overall purchasing experience using Google's technologies that recognize context and user intent.

The Costs of Poor User Experiences for Online Retailers

According to a poll conducted by The Harris Polls and Google Cloud, poor online experiences cost U.S. businesses $300 billion each year, with 76 percent of consumers reporting that failed searches lead them to abandon purchases on retail websites.

Conversely, successful search experiences have been linked to increased purchase conversion, bigger orders, and brand loyalty. Following a good search experience, 69% of customers said they would buy additional items.

The goal of Retail Search is to achieve both sides of the equation: reducing search abandonment and increasing sales by boosting customer experiences.

Key to Successful Searching Is Intent And Context: Retail Search Feature for Ecommerce

Google's search algorithms, in their continual effort to provide users with better search results, are continuously updated to better comprehend user intent and return relevant results more quickly. Retail Search takes this idea one step further by applying it to the consumer journey.

Retail Search's state-of-the-art artificial intelligence enables it to understand more complex queries and provide better product search results and recommendations, even with broad searches.

Increasing the Quality of Customer Interactions

Retail Search is a fully managed and customizable keyword-driven search engine that helps businesses create shopper-focused search experiences. It aims to make product discovery easier for consumers while also increasing business goals for merchants by improving search engine indexing, retrieval, and ranking.

Merchants may apply company rules to customize what consumers see, diversify product displays, sort by availability, and add bespoke tags as they choose. This enables them to achieve desired results in terms of interaction, sales, or conversions.

Capabilities include:

  1. Analyze queries at the source to produce more relevant results from even the most general inquiries, including non-product searches.
  2. To efficiently match product features to online content for rapid, relevant product discovery, use a program that understands the language of your website.
  3. Optimized results that take user engagement and ranking algorithms into account to accomplish particular corporate objectives.
  4. State-of-the-art security and privacy practices that ensure your brand needs to ensure that particular supplier data is kept separate and secure, with tight access controls in place.

Suite of Product Discovery Solutions Is Included in the Retail Search Package

The newest component to Google Cloud's Product Discovery Solutions is Retail Search, a suite of tools that aims to improve retail operational efficiency, simplify digital shopping experiences, and meet changing consumer demands.

It's a by-product of Google's internal media teams' continued research of the retail sector and dedication to innovation, which aims to discover new methods to assist firms maximize profits in a changing digital world.

Google's latest service, Shopping Express, which is already live in Australia and New Zealand via local partners. It combines existing Google Cloud offerings Vision Product Search, which utilizes machine learning-powered object recognition and lookups to offer comparable or complements products from product catalogs, and Recommendations AI, which delivers relevant product recommendations to encourage channel engagement.

The entire package, called eCommerce Property Owners Suite, provides graphical tools for integrating data, managing models, and monitoring performance. It works with Google Analytics 360, Tag Manager, and BigQuery to help you integrate your site into your existing processes.


Digital Piloto, May 12, 2022

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