Meta Verified: The Slightest Modification in the Definition

Increase your visibility and authenticity on Facebook and Instagram with Meta Verified. Subscribe for $11.99/mo and get access to exclusive stickers and stars.

He is verified on Facebook; he must be a public figure, a notable entity, or a business. Earlier, this was the theory behind Facebook verification. But things have changed according to the changing scenarios.

Now every user can be Meta Verified if they are eligible, followed by holding a subscription.

On Feb 19, 2023, Meta (formerly Facebook) launched a mind-blowing subscription service called Meta Verified. Twitter has already rolled out this policy, termed Twitter Blue.

This policy was announced by Mark Zuckerberg (CEO. Of Meta and the largest shareholder of Instagram).

A verified badge on Facebook and Instagram has been launched to increase the visibility and reach of the users. According to Meta, this is a testing paid verification for Facebook and Instagram for $ 11.99 per month for the web and $14.99 for mobile.

Mark Zuckerberg says, “ a subscription service that lets you verify an account with a government ID get a blue badge, get extra impersonation protection against accounts claiming to be you, and get direct access to customer support.” According to the CEO, this feature is about “increasing authenticity and security” across Meta Services, including Facebook and Instagram.

(Source:, Feb 19, 2023)

Meta's test of a paid verification program, with marvelous features, is similar to Twitter’s Blue. The feature was rolled out in Australia and New Zealand on 24th Feb 2023, available for AUD 19.99 on the web, AUD 24.99 on mobile, NZD 23.99 on the web, and NZ 29.99 on mobile( iOS Android).

Eligibility Criteria for Meta Verified

In India, this feature is not available yet, but the eligibility requirements are as follows,

  • The user must be 18 years for Meta Verified Subscription on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Currently, the eligibility of Meta Verified Subscriptions is for individual profiles, not business profiles.
  • Full name, following naming standards, must be present in an individual private or public profile.
  • A profile picture with the face is mandatory. The name and profile photo must match the Government ID of the user.
  • After completing the payment for Meta verified subscriptions, two-factor authentication must be enabled.
  • The benefits of this feature can be canceled if the user violates any Terms of Use or Community guidelines or standards.
  • Activity on the platform is highly required. It includes the posting history of the user.
  • The user’s real name is mandatory as Meta Verified Subscriptions support the same.
  • After profile verification, the users cannot change their username, profile photo, profile name, or date of birth. If it happens, users must go through Meta Verified Subscription and verification ID again.

Meta offers exclusive stickers to users of Facebook, Facebook Reels, and Instagram Stories, followed by 100 free monthly stars.

The launch of Meta Verified and Twitter Blue highlights the increasing importance of authenticity and security in digital marketing. As Meta introduces this new paid verification program, businesses and individuals should consider the eligibility criteria and benefits of this feature to enhance their online presence and reach their target audience effectively through Facebook and Instagram. SEO strategies should be updated accordingly to adapt to this new development and ensure maximum visibility on these platforms.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that Meta Verified has changed its meaning and made it even better for users. With this blog, you might have understood about Meta Verified feature properly. But you can connect with our experts to dig a bit deeper.


Sanjay Dhar, March 13, 2023

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