Using Instagram Effectively for Medical Marketing

Medical Marketing on Instagram

Digital marketing has a high impact on the practice of a physician. In today's modern, technologically advanced world, people devote most of their time to surfing on social media. Socialism has advanced to a whole new level in this era. Out of this, social media is one of the most widely used apps in recent days. It has been gaining popularity amongst the youth and the aged ever since it came into play.

Instagram for medical practices is an easy, effective tool for growing your practice and engaging with potential patients. As a doctor, it is essential to focus on the patient's treatment other than concentrating on marketing strategies. Therefore, you can give this opportunity to one of the most renowned digital marketing companies of today, Digital Piloto. They have experts who will skillfully work to increase your business revenue.

Medical Marketing on Instagram: How to Make It Work

Importance of Instagram for Medical Practices

Over 200 million people visit at least one Instagram business profile daily. Instagram has one billion monthly users; the users are deeply engrossed in the content and use it as one of the primary forms of communication with their friends and acquaintances. Instagram for medical practices builds community and develops relationships and connections. The online link makes authority, lending credibility to your course and organically boosting one's online presence.

Another bonus of using Instagram for medical practices is, it uses a direct link to Facebook. Facebook is a social media platform used by two and a half billion users daily. Hence to increase your revenue further, Facebook can also connect with your targeted group of patients. For such promotional practices, a lead digital marketing agency comes into play since they assist the doctors with the marketing campaigns.

Steps to Make the Correct Approach in Social Media

Avoid Personalization

There's a vast difference between a personal Instagram account and a business account. The first and foremost step of using Instagram for medical practices is creating a business account. Things that a physician or a healthcare company must follow for creating a business account are :

  • A considerable number of more than 10,000 followers can click on the swipe up feature on your promotional insight and directly go to your official website without any complications.
  • Have analytics to see what posts work
  • Boost a post to reach the targeted accounts and audiences.
  • Get a "contact us " button in the profile.
  • Your business account must strictly have content related to your practice. A slight hint of personal pictures or videos can cause your audience to lose focus on your business.

Build a Profile for Doctors on Instagram

At a minimum, make sure your Instagram business profile has hours, locations, and contact information (set up that contact button). Branded graphics in the photo and attractive writings about your area of specialization are essential for increasing the revenue. The intelligent things to include in your profile are :

  • The link to your website
  • An address or a link to Google Maps so that the patients might know where your practice is located.
  • A tagline
  • Branded hashtags
  • Business categories
  • The profile that you create must have a good impression on your practice.

Figure Out Which Healthcare Instagram Posts Resonate

Instagram is by far the most effective form of medical practice because the insights offered in business accounts can summarize what your business is all about. Accessing insights can be made in two different ways, from the business's profile page and individual posts. Always target the posts that engage well with your patients and follow the tactics of that post in upcoming promotions.

Use Healthcare Hashtags

Hashtags are an effective way to help users find your content. Place the hashtag in front of a word that makes it clear to people that a searchable link to your follows it. The hashtag tools help to analyze which content works best for you. The hashtag strategies have influenced thousands of users into engaging in business with you. Follow your competitors and see what taglines they are using to fetch an audience and create engagement goals. Other ways for getting hashtags include :

  • Developing a branded hashtag and putting it on your website
  • Searching the hashtag on Instagram to find relevancy
  • Saving hashtag ideas in one place to quickly copy or paste onto posts
  • Use analytics to see how many people reach your website
  • Use a significant number of hashtags (5-20)
  • Look for the local hashtag opportunities
  • Add hashtags to post captions.

Start Using Instagram Stories and Ads

An interesting form of promotion is also using ads and stories as part of Instagram medical practices. Instagram story ads are inbuilt features of your business account. They consistently appear in stories, virtually indistinguishable from personal content. They are quite engaging and affordable at the same time. More than 20% of story ads result in direct messages for the patients looking for treatment. According to statistical data, story ads are ten times more engaging than Facebook.

Automate as Much as Possible

Most medical professionals are busy continuously monitoring social media marketing. The best way is to create automated responses to the questions asked by the patients. They can also provide links to the website and note that a team member is going to get in touch with them shortly. A post scheduler can also be used to minimize the amount of time needed for posting. Outsourcing the work to highly efficient digital consultants like Digital Piloto can also be a good option.

Follow Patient Privacy Regulations

In the era of the Internet, HIPAA rules are applicable. Securing patient's information is also an inessentiality for patient privacy regulation policy. The steps that are ensured to abide by the patient privacy regulations are as follows

  • Not sharing client information and testimonials unless approved
  • Hiding the patient's information when the photos of the office or team
  • Hiding or deleting comments or reviews that share personal information about the client.

Boost Your Medical Practice

Instagram for medical practices is a great way for reaching out to potential clients. One of the best ways to boost medical procedures is setting up a full-scale business account setup and tactfully maintaining monthly commitment. Hire Digital Piloto for enjoying the best SEO services while you concentrate on your practice!


Digital Piloto, November 14, 2021

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