Digital Marketing Trends in Manufacturing

Digital Marketing Trends in Manufacturing

There is the market and there always will be the market! But now there are also marketing tools that go beyond the word of mouth and hoardings and billboards—the magazine and television have given way to the internet and the digital.

Marketing trends in Manufacturing, too, have invested in new marketing top-ups like email marketing and marketing automation—the gamut of digital marketing tools. Engaging customers, existing and potential, is now 24/7, 365/12 and continuously and studiously online.

Apart from services and retail, even the manufacturing sector B2B industries are rapidly changing and adapting to the changed market scenario, picking up digital marketing tools to make a killing. It is not by choice. It is a necessity: digitize or fall by the wayside.

Online Marketing Trends in Manufacturing

More Than One Tool

There are various marketing approaches. The trick is to pick the best of the lot or the best among combinations. The internet has set the pace for marketing. Marketing channels of yore are no longer effective. If any business is not on top of the current trend it might as well shut shop and sell scrap. Nirvana is to stay on top of the current trend. But it isn’t easy; reason enough to take a look at what’s trending for the manufacturing company in digital marketing services.


Did you know that a single B2B customer can generate millions of dollars in revenue each year? In other words, each lead comes rolled-gold, extremely valuable. Translated, it says, your marketing strategy should fit your glove! Personalization depends on what your pocket can hold, customize your business’s landing pages and then wait for the apples to fall! Did we say personalization is the key? It may sound a cliché, nevertheless, it is the truth. New marketing platforms have a range of personalization tools to weave magic with a marketing strategy and present to every customer tailor-made offers!


For marketing, manufacturing industries require constant contact with leads and potential customers on a wide range of marketing channels. A lot of planning and implementation takes place. Doing everything manually will take time and effort. A reliable marketing tool will be needed to hasten the process without losing advantage. Manufacturing businesses will expect not just emails but personalized experiences. It will be crucial for businesses to learn more and more about your company before they touch base with you. This is where automation comes into the reckoning. Automation is tailored and designed to deliver personalized messages—the algorithms!

Content Marketing

B2B companies use content marketing to promote themselves. These businesses chalk out content strategies and leave it to expert teams to do the needful. Companies should create and post original content. Don’t forget competition is with hundreds of thousands of manufacturers. Businesses must learn about the affairs of their company. Here’s where original content comes into sharp relief, where trust is built between your company and other companies. But instead of blowing the trumpet, tell the companies about your company’s expertise and projects. The majority of customers rely on content to cement their purchase decisions, for the transactional relationship with your company. It is a fact that content marketing doubles conversion rates.

Responsive Design

Mobiles now outnumber desktops and laptops. Smartphones have revolutionized how people live and operate. Mobiles have been recognized as the single most important communication channel, which does a multitude of business transactions. They are a proven marketing channel for manufacturers and customers. To take advantage, businesses must be ready to respond to leads and to accept visitors to their websites. The website design should be a responsive one. The website must fit all browsers and screen sizes, smartphones not excluded. Companies should adopt and choose responsive designs. Customers rely on smartphones to research and arrive at purchase decisions. Half the purchase decisions globally are taken on smartphones. Mobile-friendly websites will give manufacturing industries a much-needed edge.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new fad. It is a time-tested and proven marketing tool and SEO. Manufacturers shouldn’t shy away from incorporating email marketing into their marketing strategies. And then watch ROI soar. Email marketing is for every company to exploit to the fullest. If there is already an email marketing tactic baked into the strategy, update it. It should fit mobile devices. Adding videos will enhance response. Click-through-rate or CTR will hit the roof. Audience segmentation will also help CTR. And while on emails, when do you send emails? The morning hours are the best when the majority of the people check inboxes for incoming traffic.

Social Media

B2B businesses must get into their heads that Social Media is an influencer and not just for the B2C lot. Nearly 40% of businesses catch the attention of clients through Facebook. There are other Social Media platforms, equally if not more ideal for B2B businesses. SM can be used to expand reach. Blogs and other written posts can be used via Social Media to influence purchase decisions. These days it is standard for B2B manufacturing companies to mention Social Media handles on their websites. They are important marketing tools. Social Media profiles of B2B companies catch the eye of decision-makers. Engaging with promising customers becomes possible. Not only are leads gained, but brand recognition also takes a leap of faith!

Page Speed & Video Marketing

Tablet, laptop or desktop, even mobile instruments, speed should not be a lost experience. Slow-speed will discourage visitors. Slow and steady is not for marketing in today’s digital age. A valuable lead can be lost in a jiffy if speed is a casualty on the communicating device. People expect websites to load fast and hold fast people’s interest. It is not an unattainable objective—attaining page speed! If the manufacturers’ goal is to boost conversions, move fast and aim for page-speed optimization. And while on page speed, think of what video marketing can do to the manufacturer’s prospects.  Video marketing is another catching trend in marketing. Watching videos is a global pastime. People take their smartphones into washrooms, into jungles, and into war rooms. Viral videos rule the roost every hour.

Summing Up

Like many other sectors, manufacturing businesses need to implement the latest upgrades and solutions in digital marketing to stay competitive and grow. While the basic concepts and tools of online marketing do not change for the manufacturing sector, it must not miss out on new innovations and developments. In this post, we have discussed various digital marketing trends that are leading the sector. If you are in the manufacturing sector, you can use them as part of your online marketing strategy.


Digital Piloto, November 22, 2021

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