Should You Hire a Full-Time Marketing Employee or a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Whether you should hire digital marketing staff or a digital marketing agency? This question has bedeviled marketing managers ever since the emergence of internet marketing.

Full-Time Marketing Employee vs Internet Marketing Agency

It has been an ongoing and spirited debate for a long time. A full-time marketing manager is available right in front of you, while a digital marketing agency can take care of your company's marketing needs even from a distance. After all, it's digital marketing, and distance should not matter!

There is little consensus on the right answer to this dilemma. There are good and bad sides to both options. To some extent, it may depend on the kind of business you are running.

You have to take a good and informed decision in view of your company's needs and requirements. All businesses are different from one another.

The goal of your business is to generate a good income, and hence, you need to weigh a few points and consider a few options before coming to a proper decision.

Requirements of  Your Business

What do you expect when you hire a digital marketing professional or a digital marketing company?

Are you looking for knowledge and experience? These two qualities are available in both the marketing agency and the marketing person, and what distinguishes them is a question we must address right now.

One of the significant advantages of having an employee is that you can have him physically present during office hours throughout the working days and expect him to carry out tasks you assign him.

This advantage is not available in the case of digital marketing firms. You will probably not get them at your service within a moment's notice, something that is possible with staff in the office.

Positives of Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency Skills and Resources

Opting for a digital marketing agency means that you will get more people devoted to your job than a single marketing person that you may hire for your company.

The agency will have experts in each field, and, hence, your work will be done by domain experts. A combination of skillsets will be deployed on your job. For example, an SEO expert will work on making your website more optimized for organic leads. Another expert on off-page SEO may try to build backlinks and ensure the presence of your company elsewhere on the internet.

Those who are trained content writers will put up the content for you, and the best website designer of the agency will be in charge of creating and maintaining your website.

You can't expect one person that your hire to be an expert on all these matters.

You need diverse skillsets to successfully market your products digitally. An agency may not have a shortage of skilled and experienced talents in every field. It can divide the work and allot it to   .

Full-Time Marketing Employee vs Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Low Maintenance

The immediate requirement of the owners or the manager is not required now and then when working with a digital marketing agency. They have to explain the process entirely to the digital company and let them know your needs and criteria, specific wants and requirements.

When the digital company knows precisely what to do and what you want from them, they will begin their work, and after that, your involvement might not be needed until they finish the project allotted to them. You will be kept abreast of all the latest updates, but you won't have to get involved.

The entire implementation part rests with the digital marketing agency, and it becomes their responsibility to complete your task by the deadline you have given them. It might not be the case if you give your in-house marketing hire the job. They will often involve you during the implementation, and you won't exactly be "offhand" while the project is done.


A digital marketing agency offers cost-effective marketing solutions. Hiring a marketing agency is more cost-effective than hiring a person to manage your marketing needs.

We should account for many things, like Salary, benefits, overhead, etc., costs you will have to spend when hiring in-house than hiring a marketing agency.

If you look at the cost of hiring and training a new person, things will become pretty clear. The stability a marketing agency provides you will be absent when you hire an individual for your marketing purposes.

Positives for Hiring a Full Time Marketing Employee

You Are the Only Client

The marketing employee you will hire will devote his entire time and energy of the working hours to your business only. They do not have to attend to other companies, nor has he to multi-task, unlike a Digital Marketing Agency.

An agency has many clients and has to provide equal attention and meet their deadline and yours. Your marketing person is easily approachable any time you need him to be. It might be a massive advantage to your company and the deciding factor.

The Time of Learning or the Learning Curve

A digital marketing agency will take a lot of time to learn the requirements of your business. They know nothing at the point of starting, and by the end, they have to learn everything. However, even with the supplied information and data, they will not know your business as well as you do.

However, that is not the case with an in-house hired marketing person. He is a part of your company and will know your company better over a much shorter period because their entire work hours are spent with your company.

So, he will learn about your company and its marketing goals much faster since his entire work-hours are paid inside the physical boundary of your business. His learning curve will be much faster comparatively. He might initially question you about your goals and targets but not as much as a digital marketing agency queries you.

Summing Up

We have seen both strengths and weaknesses of hiring a marketing employee and hiring a digital marketing consultancy. You know your company's needs, requirements, and goals. The ultimate goal is to get more people to your website and increase your sales. So, your final decision will be based upon that. We hope you found this post useful.


Digital Piloto, December 9, 2021

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