Influencer Marketing: An Ideal Strategy for Brand Promotion

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How it could be like using a popular personality to increase brand awareness? No, it’s not about hiring a brand ambassador. You must have heard about influencer marketing. Did you?

You must be following ample YouTubers, as well as popular celebrities on Instagram. Isn’t it? With millions of subscribers, these personalities are rocking social media platforms.

Just imagine, what if these popular faces show up promoting your brand?  This would be perfectly splendid, right? So, this was just a glimpse of influencer marketing.

Now, moving further, we will learn more about the same, and get amplified knowledge to make our brand even bigger.

Influencer Marketing is Topping the Chart 

Impacting the buying decision of an individual with the help of his or her position, popularity, relationship, knowledge, and authority with the audience is known as an influencer. An unblemished influencer can implement influencer marketing at its best. So, influencer marketing has been established as a perfect marketing strategy, proving fruitful for most brands.

Brands like Microsoft, Walmart, Colgate, Subway, Amazon, etc. are influenced by this excellent marketing strategy.

If we check the influencer marketing statistics for 2022, the market is projected to expand by $16.4 billion. Instagram is the most preferred channel for influencer marketing campaigns by increased in popularity since 2021.

The utilization of the Instagram channel added fuel to the fire from 68% in 2020, to 79% in the year 2021.

Let us have some details of the top 3 Instagram Influencers from India, shortlisted in 2022,

  • Jannat Zubair Rahmani has 45.2 million followers with a 1.64% average engagement rate. She comes first on the list.
  • Anushka Sen being the second is followed by 38.9 million audiences and has an engagement rate of 1.55%.
  • The third is Faisal Shaikh with 28.7 million followers and a 1.93% engagement rate.

These influencing stars are not a celebrity but created their popularity through short videos that attracted ample eyeballs.

Have you ever checked out YouTube videos of  “Filter Copy”? Yes, it’s the perfect example of influencer marketing. Lately, “Savage Millennial Vs Savage Gen Z” promoted “boomerindia” featuring Devishi Madaan, Rohan Shah, and Manish Kharage.

Here, Manish Kharage is an influencer with 1.15M subscribers on YouTube. He with his team creates short videos that promote many brands through this incredible platform.

Now, the concept of influencer marketing must be clear to you. So, when are you planning to implement this exciting marketing strategy to make your business touch the sky?

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that with a perfectly increasing trend of influencer marketing, businesses or brands are getting immense help to promote their products and services through social media platforms and get an increased potential client base, followed by reaching a higher sales graph. So, try this marvelous marketing strategy and give wings to your business, or brand.


Digital Piloto, December 21, 2022

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