Ways Online Marketing Can Boost Customer Base for Manufacturers

Online Marketing Can Boost Customer Base for Manufacturers

Online marketing can and does help businesses in the manufacturing sector by connecting B2B buyers with manufacturers using online strategies. Manufacturing sector businesses too want to expand their customer base and breach new markets. Also, today’s clients are overwhelmingly millennials and these people do their maximum purchasing online – they use the internet search engine to locate suppliers and products, and services.

Manufacturers May Increase Their Customer Base by Using Online Marketing

Get Yourself a Website

The question then boils down to online presence. Does your business have a website, and is your online presence optimized? Most importantly, the company website should be able to convert leads into potential customers. You see the internet is today’s marketplace. Your website should be designed such that it invites and satisfies customer curiosity – it should have the potential to attract and turn potential clients.

In the same vein, how do you rate on the reliability scale; which markets do you reach out to? Visitors to manufacturing sector business websites are invariably searching for technical information about a product or service – information on specifications regarding particular product parts, the company’s capabilities, its facilities, and equipment list. And its ongoing projects!

Converting Leads Online With SEO

A company website with a free downloadable ISO certificate will attract new leads. Ditto is an updated website with e-books and blogs. The customer base is bound to expand. Also, if company website pages are splattered with ‘forms’ the website will lure visitors. An email address will do even better. Interested leads will respond within 24 hours. The key is to in turn respond. The leads will have to be converted for digital marketing to help your business succeed, increase the customer base.

These apart, content on your website should be SEO compliant. The keywords you choose should land promising visitors. So, identifying the right keywords is a must. You should know the mind of the visitor to some extent. Which words, terms, and phrases will the customers’ search for? Only then will your website pages rank higher on search results.

Millennial in the Pocket

The whole idea is to ensure that the millennial customers who are digitally proficient find you and your products online ASAP. Only this shall boost your product’s presence online, which is what digital marketing is all about.

And, just so that you leave no stone unturned, add your company’s details to online directories to increase the reach of your products even more. Linking your Social Media addresses to your company website is a wise decision. Don’t forget potential leads are forever looking for you online. So cover every base.

Information about your company should be the latest and the same on all directories. Use photos and videos. Add video(s) to emails, project promos, training demos, or a pitch to potential customers. Keep the conversation going! An SEO-focused company website will see quick increases in online submissions.

Don’t Neglect Old Customers

To take maximum advantage of online marketing, manufacturing companies should adopt digital best practices. Digital check-ups of the company website’s ‘successes & misses’ shouldn’t be given a miss. It is crucial to know if the digital marketing strategy your company has adopted is fetching results or needs to change to improve.

Okay, so far we have been talking of potential customers, on how to increase customer base and breach new markets with digital marketing. But, and this is very important while doing all this do not neglect the customer base your company already has. Stay in touch with them, they are the ‘originals’. In fact, they are the avenue to new customers. Get to know more about your old customers. Mention them as often as possible. Send email!

Get Everyone on the Bandwagon

Create content for every audience type. Every company, even those in the manufacturing sector, faces a diverse customer base. There will be the millennial, the older sort, and the just-turned adult segment. These segments will each have different buying cycles. To reach across to all of them and leave an impact on each one of them will require segment-focused online messaging. Knowing to speak each segment’s language, so to speak, will enhance efforts to convert leads into customers looking for suppliers.

Know the Influencers

Which in turn translates to messaging aimed at specific individuals with particular specializations. The engineer and a CFO are two different types of company honchos. They have to be dealt with differently. Engaging with a company president will hasten a positive conclusion if handled properly. The various potential customers of manufacturing companies will have these designations…


These tech-heads will be looking for technical information. And that includes product data. Sell them niche technical features of your product on your company website and keep adding customers. Engineers are forever visiting websites. You have to be online.

Procurement Officers:

They are at the vanguard of sourcing and purchasing. Make their jobs easier by being online. Let them discover you ASAP. So align your keywords accordingly — prove you are the potential best partner and supplier. Position yourself online to figure in their supply chains. Pitch with examples of your capabilities including your problem-solving knack.

Finance Managers:

These are the people with the keys to the company’s Fort Knox. Accordingly, pitch online. Inform them with anecdotes of your ability to cut corners. These are the people who apportion company spends.

Quality Officer:

Convince them you meet all their quality and diversity standards. Post upfront your company’s certifications on your company website.


Identify the decision-makers and pitch keeping them in mind, their preferences. Impress them with your intuition and influence them with your company’s online dazzle even while assuring them with proof of efficiency and technical know-how. Learn how to pitch online marketing to your boss.

Summing Up

The future may be full of different potentials. But as of today, digital marketing is the mantra to success. For every business entity including those in the manufacturing sector! Business-to-business buyers and sellers find each other online and successful relationships result. In today’s information age, add the digital years, and companies in the manufacturing sector will discover new frontiers to conquer, and they will be conquered with digital marketing.


Digital Piloto, November 21, 2021

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