Improving SEO Rating for Your Website

Improving Website's SEO Rating

Improving Website's SEO Rating: 5 Easy Guides to Master

By creating quality content our Kolkata-based Digital Marketing Company, search engines will be guided to help users understand what your website and business are all about. SEO strategies are usually the first place to start with, followed by keywords, links, title tags, meta descriptions, alt image text, and more. Quality content enables you to achieve higher conversion rates and improve your Website's SEO Rating.

  1. Keywords must be well researched. Both short and long-tail keywords should be specific to your product or service. Although broad keywords will get you a lot of traffic, it will not be quality traffic.
  2. On-Page Optimization, including title tag, meta description and alt image text must not be overlooked. A page title or title tag must always be concise and clear.
  3. A meta description is ideally a little longer and contains more information to encourage someone click on your page. It should include your keyword and other relevant or supporting keywords within 150-170 characters.
  4. The URL is usually 3-5 words long and is a clear description of what the page is about. Not only do you want users to know what the page is about, but you also want search engines to understand and categorize your page accordingly.
  5. Alt image text is the text corresponding to an image on your webpage-it should have your keywords in it. However, the image should be of what your keywords abruptly describe. Note: If you are just adding keywords for a better rating, the search engines will know!

How To Improving Website's SEO Rating: Top 5 Key Points to Remember

Our digital marketing agency ensures the following key points that are often overlooked for website maintenance over time:

  1. Technical issues affect SEO rankings, so keep a check on your website by auditing at regular intervals. Broken links are among the most common errors found in websites.
  2. The better the user experience, the longer a visitor stays, leading to better SEO rankings. This improves your conversion rates, and also decreases bounce rates.
  3. Ease of navigation and speed of loading- both are equally important. If a visitor has to wait for a long time for the page to load, they get bored, and eventually look elsewhere.
  4. Is your site mobile-friendly? It must look good on phones, tablets, and iPads as well.
  5. Backlinks give your website credibility. When search engines see that your website is getting linked to high-authority websites, it improves your ranking significantly; they immediately assume that your site contains trustworthy information.

The algorithm and policies keep changing frequently, which might affect your SEO rating in either way- good or bad. If you are unsure why your site is still not ranking, our Kolkata-based digital marketing firm provides the best digital marketing services for reviewing, designing or creating websites, and understanding SEO to improve rankings and increase conversions.


Digital Piloto, June 17, 2021

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