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The popularity of video –marketing is soaring higher and higher. If you are looking forward really to reach out to people with your services and products then there is no better way right now than video marketing.

While scrolling social media feeds it is mainly the motion graphics which we stop at and rarely skip compared to long written posts. Words help to inform specific details, images seeks attention; and it is the video content which connects the best with the brand’s target customers.

Take for example; an automobile company launching a new car with great features, and you are seeking the best suitable car for buying. The company will launch several marketing campaigns one with word contents like blogs, others will focus on images like pamphlets and one will be through videos elaborating the car details. Which one will attract you first? - Isn’t obvious that we will watch the video first? - That’s how video influence marketing campaign.

This blog created by Bluelephanto, Top Graphic Design Firm in Lucknow will dig deeper to understand how in several ways video marketing optimizes your marketing campaigns and helps to yield ultimate results.

Connect Better with Customers

Think about commercials on TV how since ages it is connecting with people invoking their emotions and inspiring them with brand new few seconds’ stories. Exactly this is how and why video marketing builds a relationship of trust and reliability with customers.

Engages Customers

Video as a marketing campaign has a great engaging ability. Not only on the individual level but since, people exhibit a great sharing leaning behaviour when it comes to videos it generates more quality traffic for your products and services.

Best Conversion Rate

We are all customers and we understand that when we are near to purchase a product we tend to take a look at the product exploring videos on it. Reviewing a product viewing video on it helps us to gather greater trust in the product and arrive at a conclusion which yields a better conversion rate.

Thus, videos as a medium offer the best conversion rate to business. Nowadays a major number of business-houses are relying on videos for marketing.

Higher on SERP

Every business understandably is running behind higher SERP which enables a brand to become visible on search engine pages. A website with videos is a great way to secure a higher rank on the search engine. This is because Google analytics encourages videos on the website and in turn award website which utilize motion graphics with top SERP ranks. Let's check why;

  • Google acknowledges websites where visitors spend a major amount of time. Videos help to achieve this. People get attracted to videos instantly and stay engaged in it better than when they are reading an article.
  • Also, since a video informs the customer about the product and keeps the customer engaged to content it diminishes bounce-rate. This is again noted by Google in turn for a good SERP ranking.

Establish Brand Identity

It is easy to point out that when a brand is leveraging video marketing technique they are creating a positive brand identity with quality videos. A well-structured video takes the customer on a journey with the product. Brand use this opportunity to divulge details about how the product can improve their living standards and will be beneficial. This gives the brand its own identity given how uniquely they narrate their brand stories and offer quality services. Thus, Video marketing is a great way to establish a better identity for Brands.

Best ROI

According to Wyzowl survey, it has been found that 89% of marketers have acknowledged that video marketing provides them with good ROI. ROI influences the market on a huge level, even a little ROI will boost marketer’s confidence in the marketing technique. Thus, video marketing is relied upon by small to big every business- houses for its best return on investment ability among other benefits.

If you are currently seeking for video production services around Lucknow, a team which can create visuals that draw customer attention and eventually increase business revenues. Then contact team Bluelephanto which is one of the top graphic design firms in Lucknow service. Experts at Bluelephanto are qualified and experienced to understands our brand’s requirements and accordingly restructure your brands which helps to boost customer’s confidence in your brand.

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Digital Piloto, December 2, 2020

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