Eco Shops: The Green Alternatives for Sustainable Living

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Sustainable living is, first and foremost, about minimizing our material needs to begin with, but also seeking durability and quality over quantity in the things we purchase. Hence, we're sharing 6 awesome eco shops from where you can easily get most to all of your day-to-day home and lifestyle shopping necessities. All of these environmentally driven stores are mindful about reducing the use of excessive plastic packaging whenever and wherever possible, and sourcing only consciously made, tried, and tested products that are, of course, sustainable in the long run.

Creating a sustainable, profitable, and environmentally friendly online business in 2021 is not easy. You need to move traditional marketing to alternatives marketing platforms like digital marketing to increase your Business.

Ecommerce marketing is changing drastically in 2021. To stay competitive, you need to know these insights and how they will impact your business.

Today, I’ll go over 6 Green Alternatives Ecommerce, how they used Digital marketing to increase their customer base.

6 Best Eco Shops for Anyone for Eco-Friendly Lifestyle: Best Online Shop

1. Made Trade:

Made Trade is a beautifully curated online retailer of socially and eco-consciously made gifts, clothing, accessories, home decor, and furniture. Standing out from the minimalist aesthetic typical of many ‘eco shops’, Made Trade's vibe is eccentric, vibrant, and colorful. They support many independent artists and makers from around the world who utilize traditional craftsmanship techniques.

Categories: fashion, lifestyle, home goods, furniture, decor, gifts.

You can check out their eco shop right here!

2. Eco Roots:

Eco Roots is a plastic-free eco shop founded by a couple in Colorado. Its goal is to support a minimalist, eco-conscious lifestyle and to raise awareness for the reality of our single-use consumption. They specialize in plastic-free packaging, items that support a low-waste lifestyle, all of which are ethically and consciously sourced.

Categories: bath and beauty products, dental care, home goods, kitchen goods, totes, and everyday use products.

You can check out their eco shop right here!

3. Earth Hero:

Earth Hero is an eco-friendly online marketplace that makes buying sustainable products easier by doing all of the research and curating for you. They have a large directory of icons that make it super simple for you to know exactly what type of product you are shopping for, whether recycled, organic, vegan, etc. They also make it really simple to decrease your trash with their exceptionally curated zero-waste collection. They’re a “1% For the Planet” member and prioritize low-impact production and carbon offset shipping.

Categories: apparel, accessories, baby + kids, travel, home goods, outdoor, tech, pets, beauty.

You can check out their eco shop right here!

4. Package Free Shop:

Package Free Shop is a one-stop zero-waste eco shop, aiming to make reducing your waste and finding alternatives to single-use plastic convenient and simple. The shop carries only brands that are serious about making a positive environmental impact. It has a strict packaging policy in order to reduce waste as much as possible throughout the process; since opening, they have helped many brands make changes within their companies to reduce plastic usage, packaging, and waste.

Categories: lifestyle, home goods, pet, baby + kids, beauty + wellness, travel.

You can check out their eco shop right here!

5. Eartheasy:

Eartheasy makes turning your home and garden into a regenerative sanctuary simple. In addition to a collection of eco-friendly and zero-waste home goods and lifestyle products, Eartheasy carries everything you need for lawn care, gardening, composting, camping, off-grid preparedness, and more. They specialize in low-impact production processes and plant trees through the “Trees for the Future” initiative. They keep carbon balanced by TerraPass and are partners with EPA WaterSense, too.

Categories: Home goods, off-grid living, camping accessories, yard + garden, travel + adventure, baby + kids, wellness, gifts.

You can check out their eco shop right here!

6. Life Without Plastic:

Life Without Plastic helps you transition out of a single-use plastic lifestyle in order to improve your health, community, and environment. They also help educate shoppers on the types of plastics and the harm they can do to our individual and planetary health. They prioritize high-quality, ethically sourced products and are certified by Green America.

Categories: home goods, bath, body, baby and kids, wholesale.

You can check out their eco shop right here!

With the booming eco shops in this environment-conscious generation, the future of sustainable living and, thus, sustainable homes is bright. Opting for environment-friendly alternatives in our everyday lives is a smart move that can potentially recover and greatly improve planetary health. The fitness of our own mind and body, too, is impacted positively in an enormous manner. A small change today has the potential to make a huge difference tomorrow!


Traditional marketing is changing drastically in 2021. To stay competitive, you need to know these insights and how they will impact your business. I’ve already talked about how ecommerce marketing has changed from traditional advertising like TV commercials or billboards on highways; today, we’ll go over 6 green alternatives for ecommerce businesses looking to use digital marketing strategies like social media campaigns with influencers or PPC ads. If you want help implementing a sustainable, profitable, environmentally friendly online business plan in this new era of earth-conscious consumers, Fill out our form for a free consultation!


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