Top 14 Tips : How can E-Commerce Grows with Digital Marketing?

How can E-Commerce Grows with Digital Marketing

Although we live in the digital age, e-commerce sites face numerous challenges. With millions of buying options, competition is fierce. It is no stroll in the mall. People also use Google to check the price quickly, compare your products to those of your competitors, and decide what to buy before ever visiting your website.

E-Commerce Grows with Digital Marketing: Top 14 Tips to Remember

With an ever-expanding digital landscape, here are 14 digital marketing strategies to help you capture your share of the $2.8 trillion annual online sales.

1. Boost Product Visualization

Consumers have come to expect instant access to virtually any type of information. Not only that, but they've developed a strong visual presence. When you use excellent product visualization, you can swiftly and easily show off your products so that customers can glance at the details without having to read about them.

Make use of tools that allow users to zoom in, spin your product for a 360-degree view, and add roll-over, pop-up information tools. Use 3D technology to promote engagement and improve the buying experience if it is accessible. According to the Fourth Source, customers who used 3D imagery instead of flat imaging saw a 25% to 30% increase in sales.

2. Add Proper Video

Although the video isn't required for all products, if you have something to show off, show it in action. According to HubSpot, 81% of customers think the video gives them confidence when making purchases. People will comprehend what your product does and why they need it if you can demonstrate how nicely it slices and dices.

3. Leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) can have a notable impact on your e-commerce sales. It can gather data and utilize it to precisely forecast a customer's reaction based on previous behavior. Measurable metrics like conversion rates, bounce rates, and engagement rates can give you a lot of information about your site's effectiveness and how people use it.

You can use data to obtain information that can help you enhance your site and increase conversions and loyalty. Customers are more likely to return, recommend your items, and leave favorable reviews if they have a positive experience.

Algorithms anticipate which products returning visitors will want to buy, making it easier for them to shop on your site. The products are prominently displayed. You may also utilize AI to optimize your back-end logistics so that your customers have a positive experience from purchase to delivery.

4. Cutting-Edge Product Filtering

The more products you sell, the more advanced product filtering you'll need. No one has time to browse your site based on a complicated inventory plan that they don't understand. Instead, you must give them the tools they need to shop on their terms and swiftly find what they require.

Considering that 42% of major e-commerce sites do not use advanced filtering, you could benefit from having a considerate site that allows customers to find what they need quickly. The more options you provide, the more convenient it is to shop.

5. Automate with Chatbots

Yes, this is artificial intelligence, but it deserves its strategy. Chatbots may be the initial point of contact for your customers, and they may make or break their experience. It's so much easier to shop now that someone is available to answer questions. You can quickly address problems, allowing customers to proceed to the shopping cart.

Chatbots aren't just great customer service representatives. They're also capable of being excellent salespeople. They provide on-the-spot up-selling alternatives while also informing customers when a discount or deal is available. Chatbots are also knowledgeable about inventory, and they can follow top sales to ensure that you never run out of stock.

6. Flexible Delivery

Limiting delivery options is an excellent method to encourage cart abandonment. When they discover that the delivery options do not meet their demands, 45% of online shoppers abandon their carts.

People want to pay and know that their product will arrive as soon as possible. At the same time, customers may want to know that if they don't need their purchase right away, they can choose to pay less for delivery. It does not imply that you must join the drone delivery craze. It simply means that you should think about how you may prioritize speed and efficiency while keeping cost in mind.

7. Reduce Cart Abandonment

As previously stated, cart abandonment is more likely to occur when a consumer arrives at the checkout page and discovers that the shipping alternatives do not meet their requirements. More than 69 percent of the time, this is due to additional charges like shipping. Overly cumbersome checkout processes, the necessity to create an account, and poor website performance such as delayed loading and crashes were all reasons for abandonment.

Implementing an email recovery strategy is one of the most effective ways to combat cart abandonment. You can send a series of emails to clients who have abandoned their carts, encouraging them to complete their transactions. According to Sales Cycle, nearly half of the recovery emails are opened, and nearly one-third of them result in a sale.

8. Leverage Wish Lists

Having a wish list on your site is like having a gold mine of information. You can use those wish lists to urge clients to buy by sending personalized emails to them. To create a sense of urgency, emails can include sales notices, clearance cautions, or low inventory counts.

9. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC)

Nothing sells a product more effectively than a satisfied consumer. UGC offers the first-hand experience from customers who are now living in and utilizing your products. According to Salesforce, 54% of customers are more likely to trust a fellow consumer than your marketing.

Here are Two Simple Ways to Use User-generated Content:
  • Using hashtags in all of your social media posts.
  • Providing an easy way for customers to post reviews on your site.

10. Mobile Friendly

According to Outerbox, 7% of mobile users had made an online purchase with their phones in the six months prior to the poll. The mobile-friendliness of your website is essential.

Some Nice-to-haves Would Include:
  • A shopping cart that scrolls with the customer, so they don’t have to scroll up to find it.
  • Add-to-cart buttons that are easy to find so customers can instantly add items to their cart.

According to Adweek, 73% of users will abandon an unpleasant mobile site in favor of a mobile-friendly one. It isn't to mean that you should create an app for your e-commerce site, but understanding how clients buy will assist you to deliver the visuals they require to make purchases quickly.

11. Personalization

Value is created by anticipating demands. Personalization is crucial now that AI is accessible to make everything easier. You can better predict what your consumers want and where they are if you know who they are. All of this information makes shopping more convenient for them.

Local approaches that make individuals feel at ease should be a vital element of personalization. It is also a method that can assist you to increase delivery based on where your consumers are located and how close they are to your warehouses.

Seasonal leveraging can also be aided by personalization and localization. Customers in the south can see one set of things, while those in the frigid north can see something more appropriate for their current climate.

12. Use Retargeting

Any e-commerce site's success relies heavily on retargeting. It helps you to track customers online and keep them informed about your products and services. Your advertising can show them what they're missing with a quick link back to where they can complete their orders after they've visited your site.

13. Improve Checkout

Intricate checkouts slow down purchases and cause annoyance. How many steps and pages does it take to persuade someone to pay? You can prevent cart abandonment by making your checkout process as straightforward as possible for your clients.

It's even better for your consumers' purchasing experience if you can do it all on one page! If a single page isn't possible, make it as simple as possible for clients to back out if they change their minds or make a mistake. It will be beneficial to have a clearly visible progress bar.

14. Encourage Social Purchases

Finally, but certainly not least, use social media to encourage purchases. Rather than attempting to persuade consumers to visit your website, allow them to purchase your products directly from their feeds. On Facebook and Instagram, this option is available.


E-commerce marketing strategies are crucial for generating more website traffic and encouraging purchases. These 14 strategies will help you step up your game and gain significant market share and e-commerce grows with digital marketing.


Digital Piloto, August 7, 2021

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