How can Uranium Export in Canada Benefit from Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing in Uranium Export Canada

Digital Marketing in Uranium Export Canada: The Ultimate Guide to Remember

Canada ranks 2nd in the production of uranium, contributing 13% of the total production worldwide. Approximately 85% of the uranium produced in Canada is exported, mainly to the US, Europe, and Asia. In 2018, uranium exported from Canada amounted to approximately $600 million. The remaining is used to fuel domestic CANDU reactors, which supply about 15% of electricity consumed in Canada. The graph below illustrates digital marketing in uranium export Canada and other countries with value in million of us dollars

[caption id="attachment_352" align="alignnone" width="600"]Digital Marketing in Uranium Export Canada Export Value in Million Us Dollars (Source- Statista, 2021)[/caption]

The above data shows the distribution of uranium exports across the globe for the year 2019. As we can see, Canada ranks 2nd in exporting uranium too, with a contribution of almost 30% to the world’s total exports.

Also, Canada has the world’s largest deposits of high-grade uranium, having grades up to 20% uranium, which is 100% greater than the world average. Despite some initial issues faced in uranium production due to Covid-19, the global pandemic is not a cause of alarm for the future of nuclear power, as declared by World Nuclear News.

However, the fact that how dangerous the entire procedure from uranium extraction to the generation of power can be is not a hidden one. Over the years, steam power, mechanization, electrical power, mass production, IT systems, and automated production, and now finally evolving into entirely cyber-physical systems, with the gradual takeover of Industry 4.0. The whole concept of Industry 4.0 is based on advanced digitalization of production procedures and the combination of internet-oriented technologies, thereby making the connection between smart sensors, machines, and IT systems across the value chain possible. The implementation of these cyber-physical systems should increase productivity by the automation of production and decision-making processes, reduction of wastes, improvement of equipment utilization, and cost-effectiveness.

Hence, to set the scenario, organizations must take initiatives and adapt to certain changes, be on the lookout for specialized knowledge and expertise, and implement changes at the technological and organizational levels. This level can be achieved at a faster pace with the help of digital marketing in uranium export Canada. Not just maintaining a comprehensive and user-friendly website, but running wisely thought ad-campaigns on social media will result in reaching out to the right individuals who can drive the revolution through proper execution strategies.

[caption id="attachment_353" align="alignnone" width="600"]Share of respondents (Source: Statista, 2021)[/caption]

As is evident from the study of Statista on the country-wise ranking of implementation of Industry 4.0 shown above, the USA occupies the topmost designation for the financial year 2020. According to Statista, ad spending in the digital advertising market is projected to reach US $3,98,000 million in 2021, with its largest segment being search advertising, which is supposed to cross the US $1,70,000 million in the respective year.

Thus, in an industry where safety is the topmost priority and cannot be compromised, digital marketing can be the game-changer for Canada’s uranium production and export industry. While automation, robotics, and remote operation might hold the highest level of implementation among tools offered by digital transformation into a “digital mine”, safety still remains the top priority as the number of workers is largely reduced by having the right manpower who can implement Industry 4.0 successfully.


Digital Piloto, June 11, 2021

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