Boost Your Dairy Business Online Even in this Down Economy of New Zealand

boost your dairy business online

Animal husbandry is one of the most profitable and demanding businesses in the world. New Zealand is the country that produces dairy products and exports more than other countries across the globe. Moreover, the animal husbandry business helps you earn more money than farming if it is done with dedication and understanding and boost your dairy business online.

With the growing awareness among the people, many farmers are showing more interest in dairy farming. Whatever your background and experience, there is a lot to consider to grow the dairy business and make it a successful enterprise.

Boost Your Dairy Business Online: Market Your Raw Milk 

Advertising extensively for the sale of your raw milk can create many problems, such as unwanted attention or any legal complication. But people always need raw milk, so you have to be very conscious and creative about marketing raw milk to people.

Raw milk is an inflammatory product and should be handled with care. If you understand that raw-milk advertising is acceptable where you live, then the below tips are for you to get this term out easily. They are:

  1. Word of mouth is more sold - Person-to-person communication is one of the most powerful advertising tools for selling raw milk. Consumers interested in this lifestyle quickly share sources and advice, and the word will spread quickly.
  2. Connect with food organizations - Being a member of agricultural and consumer organizations at local and national levels can go a long way in connecting you with like-minded people and potential customers.

In the age of digitalization, it would be better to connect with the organization digitally that will showcase your products.

  1. Promote other dairy products except for raw milk - Instead of relying exclusively on selling raw milk; sell other farm products, such as vegetables, meat, and other milk products. If you earn your name for these items, then your raw milk will also get famous.

There are no laws against advertising other dairy products, a digital marketer will help you to launch a website for your farm, and market your dairy products online.

  1. Talk to Your Customers - When you interact with customers at a farmers market, your raw milk offer will inevitably come into conversation and let them know about your products.

You can even connect with them through social media platforms and exchange views related to your product.

  1. Converse with other raw-milk producers - As the demand for raw milk increases and the number of dairy animals is limited in many states, farmers can keep milk producers, reaching the limits of their customers that they can serve.

Remember, you should not break the law to sell raw milk in any way when it is considered illegal in your state. If this is legal but silent, then there is nothing stopping you from building this business through the digitalization next to you.

Business Marketing

Without business marketing, your query to start a dairy business will remain incomplete. You can promote your business using several potential marketing strategies, such as advertising, brand campaigns, brand promotion, new initiatives, and business offers. These strategies will make your business a truly successful venture.

Through digital marketing in New Zealand, the dairy business could prove to be one of the life-changing business opportunities. With a keen interest and fondness for dairy products, the demand for the dairy business will be everlasting. 

Current Scenario

Factors that affected the export of dairy products in the present situation are:

  • The negative effect of COVID 19
  • Drought conditions in the country
  • Increased subsidies in other countries

While New Zealand is the world’s seventh-largest producer of animal milk, it exports 90% of its dairy products.

For every farmer, the dairy business is crucial, and they ensure every small effort that helps them improve the profitability of their business. By producing quality products, dairy farmers are ensuring that they are providing the best service. Dairy machines of modern and advanced technology have helped to increase the production of the dairy business.

Dairy traders need to understand how important it is to know the crucial changes that have been made in the dairy business. Implementing these changes in practice can lead to significant improvements in the dairy business. So, it is better to go with the current situation and go digital so that their business can get success.

Selling your business is one of the most important things you can do because the value you get can determine the lifestyle you can expect for the next few decades of your life. You have spent countless hours, money, and energy building a business so do not underestimate your business.

Google Statistics of Dairy Farming 

Boost Your Dairy Business Online Source:

Dairy companies have grown slowly as a result of changed consumer behavior, competition, and trade actions. A study of representative samples from dairy companies worldwide found that the growing return on invested capital (ROIC) declined by 3.0 percent, from 9.5 percent in 2008 to 6.5 percent in 2017.

Nevertheless, the top five global dairy companies have been able to increase their margins by 4.1 percent from 2013 to 2017. Thus, when the market is facing some progress, growth is possible but will depend on finding the right pockets of demand domestically and internationally and having the right tact and operating model.

Looking at the U.S. market, a cautionary tale is told: Retail sales of top dairy products declined from 2015 to 2018, including cheese (–1.4 percent), milk (–4.9 percent), and yogurt (–2.3 percent).

Interviews and surveys with 56 Dairy CEOs in the fourth quarter of 2015 and 2018 revealed that CEOs have changed their attitude towards the non-dairy-alternative market: 36 percent of CEOs believe that non-dairy-alternative market growth will continue in 2015, while 51 percent believed it in 2018 (Exhibit 1). “Among millennials, we are seeing a shift to non-dairy, plant-based proteins,” one CEO reports “We need to build relationships with these plant-based protein companies.”

The growing penetration of mobile devices and digital profiles is creating unprecedented information for intelligent companies to collect from a variety of consumer and non-consumer sources.

Our survey found that while about 80 percent of consumers still buy dairy products in physical stores, the remaining 20 percent are shopping online - and, in the process, dairy companies and retailers are providing a valuable window to develop consumer behavior.

Traditional and online shopping are becoming interconnected. For example, 30 percent of respondents compared product prices in-store at the time of purchase, and 22 percent viewed information about the nutrition and ingredients of dairy products.

As each interaction generates more data and allows companies to collect more detailed pictures of consumer buying behavior, dairy executives have begun to prioritize data-driven customer segmentation. The fewer, more productive farms that remain have increased supply faster than demand, another main reason for dairy companies to take a global approach in search of growth. 

Technology that Helps You Grow

Dairy farming is for sustainable milk production and dairy products. There are lots of dairy products that are eaten every day, and milk is the most significant product that people use around the world.

Nowadays, there are various milk processing centers to meet the growing demand for milk. Dairy farms are the most successful and still in demand which requires a long-term focus on dairy production. New Zealand dairy farmers work hard to provide fresh milk products every day.

Digital technology can help you implement the best solutions that give you new insights and help grow your business. When you showcase your dairy products through a digital marketing strategy, it will deliver good exposure to your brands and products. This strategy will focus on your website's presence on Google.

With the help of Search Engine Optimization, your website of dairy products will get a good ranking on the search engines like Google. It will also increase your visibility in search results by maximizing the traffic to your site by improving page rank.

Plan a Profitable Dairy Business

The dairy business is a profitable venture if the person is aware of his work and takes care of cattle. Adequate resources, capital, and sufficient land are required to keep the desired number of cows in a dairy farm.

Every cow should have the necessary nutrition, vitamins and should be fed properly. Every dairy business can increase the feed of cattle to increase the quality of milk. In deciding to build a dairy farm, you should know how to grow your dairy farming through digital marketing and make it profitable.

To grow your dairy industry profitably, you need to develop a detailed business plan. Adopt appropriate ways to market the milk products. Hire the right digital marketer, who is not only dedicated but also experienced and will grow your dairy farm in a technical way. With this strategy, your products will be displayed worldwide, and sales will increase.


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