AI Bridging the Gap Between Authors & Publishers

AI Bridging The Gap between Authors & Publishers

Upholding and uplifting their cultural essence for ages, print copies are outselling e-books even in this digital age. And probably, will continue to do so in decades to come, too. However, it is important to address how digitalization has diverted more attention to screens, and especially so with the launch of Amazon Kindle in 2007:

[caption id="attachment_217" align="aligncenter" width="600"]AI Bridging the Gap between Authors & Publishers Source: Hexa Research Report on global e-book market revenue forecast, 2014-24[/caption]

Today, like never before, content is at the peak of consumption, while the publishing houses are diminishing on a large scale. Furthermore, the vast communication gap between authors and publishers is making it all the more difficult in this digital age.

So, how can publishers use digital marketing of books to strategically revive their dwindling relationship with authors? Simply by creating space for audience engagement, wherein they will be involved personally with respective authors, but in an indirect manner, through the publishing house itself. Here’s a simple guide to how this can be achieved, in 2 phases:

  • Pre-launch
  • Post-launch

During the pre-launch phase, communication must be effective enough- both between author and publisher, and author and audience- to attract heights of curiosity and attention. An ideal publishing house would know

  • who an author is as a person,
  • what a book is all about,
  • what is the motto behind writing the book, and,
  • the target audience that this author wants to draw attention from.

Using social media as a well-thought interaction platform with the audience consistently by both publishers and authors, utilizing significant hashtags, will help capture a fan-following that benefits both parties in the long run.

Although Facebook pages and groups can be the easiest means of achieving this stage within a shorter period of time, Twitter, when used wisely, promises a great deal of sophistication and makes sense in terms of the formal appeal books carry. Take the example of how J. K. Rowling achieved heights of success using Twitter strategically to gain enormous popularity.

Depending on genres, snippets can be released at regular (or irregular) intervals of time to keep the audience engaged and interested in what comes next- somewhat similar to how TV serials and web series keep their viewers waiting for the next episode.

That being said, even the audience that is targeted must be considered before putting forth any content on the forefront. This intended audience can be anyone starting from youth in college to research workers to social committees and associations. An added advantage could be retaining contacts of writers who had published previously through the house and reaching out to their established fan base online if respective niches are more or less similar.

Pricing is another major factor that impacts sales on a large scale. Attractive offers for pre-launch orders and other interesting schemes can be wisely structured to retain the audience for future purchases too. However, this requires a well-discussed focus point on methods to work out and implement the strategic pricing.

E-mail marketing can do wonders, with interesting subject lines and convincing content that smoothly make their way to the minds of the readers. One mail a week during pre-launch and increasing it to three or four during the launch week will help set the mood of the audience even before the print copy arrives for sale in the markets.

And what about post-launch? Well, 2 methods that could work out best when it comes to authors’ activities are running a blog and a YouTube channel.

A blog lets readers stay connected and relates to the author’s style and form of writing, keeping them encouraged to wait until another project is released in the market successfully. And through a YouTube channel, a stronger connection can be established on a personal level, just by putting up 2-3 or more videos a week, which raises expectations from the author’s end, and therefore, increases demand rapidly in the market.

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Digital Piloto, May 13, 2021

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