A Great Banner Ad Design Leads to Increased Clickthrough

A Great Banner Ad Design Leads to Increased Clickthrough

As an entrepreneur, all that is required is more clicks on our website. Do you know about banner advertisements and banner designs? This is one of the most enthralling techniques marketers use to promote their businesses and generate leads.

The clickable banner ads must have an attractive design to make clients inclined to them. What would be the appropriate way of creating banner ads?

The banner designs must be focused on some essential guidelines. To create an effective banner advertisement, a designer should have appropriate knowledge of creating a banner design to promote the business at an incredible pace.

Let us find out some specific things that need to be taken care of while creating a banner ad design to boost online traffic on your website.

A Creative Banner Ad Design is Always Successful

Adhering to the banner ad designs standards is the right way to work with. Creating the most clickable banner advertisements is vital to promote your business effectively online.

Web banner design is a marketing form created in several shapes and sizes. Banner ads are images featured on web pages to portray a brand, product, or link on the website.

This is an inexpensive mode of marketing or advertising and is admired by most entrepreneurs. So, are you ready to have a few crucial points that can help you increase brand awareness through a brilliant banner ad design?

Let’s get started with this excellent blog to have great knowledge.

Initiating with a banner ad design, the focus should lie on the standard banner sizes. If we check out the standard banner sizes of 2023,

  • Banner- 468*60
  • Leaderboard Banner- 728*90 (Top Performing Banner Ad Size)
  • Large Leaderboard- 970*90
  • Mobile Leaderboard- 320*50 (Top Performing Banner Ad Size)
  • Square- 250*250
  • Small Square- 200*200
  • Medium Rectangle- 300*250 (Top Performing Banner Ad Size)
  • Large Rectangle- 336*280
  • Skyscraper- 120*600
  • Wide Skyscraper- 160*600 (Top Performing Banner Ad Size)
  • Large Skyscraper- 300*600

Appropriate Banner Ad Placement

Banner Ads must be placed accurately by buying space on the website. The area helps to showcase your ad design on the website. The banner ads are showcased nearby the main content of a website.

Balancing an Ad

Balance is required everywhere, most notably when designing banner ads. But there must be a hierarchy that needs to be followed while creating banner ads.

The focus area is the logo of the brand or a company. The logo must be designed in a way that it’s visible to the audience.

The following essential aspect is the value proposition which should be showcased dominantly in the ad. The examples are “60% off” and “Limited Period Offer.”

Call to action is the next and the most prominent part of a banner ad. For example, “ Click Now,” “Visit Now.” The call-to-action persuades users to click on the ad.

Simplicity is Powerful

As users go through the banner ad in a hurry. So, the content must be simple and effective to easily catch the audience’s eyeballs.

The text of the ad copy must be short, followed by a catchy and readable font. Avoid using smaller and more creative font sizes and styles.

Place the Buttons Properly

In a banner ad, buttons are crucial in increasing the Click-Through-Rate of an advertisement. So, the accurate placement of controls is below the ad copy.

The colors must be chosen quite appropriately while placing the buttons.

Frames Make it Incredible

The banner ad appears to be incomplete without attractive frames. An appealing composition of colors must be applied to the edges to grab the audience’s attention on the content inside the frame.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that creating a banner ad is a form of effective internet marketing. Considering the above points, banner advertisements must be designed to increase clickthrough and get unique leads. Check with our experts, get some worthy information about the topic, and make your website awesome by creating alluring banner ads.


Sanjay Dhar, February 27, 2023

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