5 Inspiring Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns

Top 5 Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns

Top 5 of the best Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns ideas we've seen

The Covid-19 era has not only taught us the value of security measures in life but also revolutionized the very existence of automation and digitalization. From traditional marketing to digital marketing, we often related with the two in more or less the same way. But today, with the fast-evolving digitalization taking over the industries as well as markets entirely, we cannot ignore the impact a meaningful and well-executed digital marketing drive has in taking over the addressees on target by storm.

Not all companies could make it through the tough times caused by the global pandemic. However, among those that did, a few were able to capture the concentration spot-on, with their extraordinary promotional strategies. Here’s a list of 5 such campaigns that stood out a great deal in the eyes of their audience during this pandemic period.

5 Covid-19 Marketing Campaigns for Inspiration -

1. Burger King

Their “Restaurant of Tomorrow” campaign gives us a glimpse of how future restaurants might be by strategically working on the concept of social distancing. While we’ve all come across such imagery in movies only, their campaign throws light into what we can expect a real future restaurant to be like. Take a look at their innovative strategy here-

2. Heineken

Rightly explained by their campaign, “There’s one thing better than a night out- another night out”, safety MUST be a top precedence, even when you’re out with your buddies at the club. The campaign by Heineken is a true spoiler (as always), yet stands up to the point of neither taking safety lightly nor compromising with it. Check it out here -

3. Starbucks

Their commercial featuring the Starbucks mobile app welcomes you back to the “new norm” of the Covid era with order and pay online facilities, thereby keeping safety and social distancing on top priority, even when you’re reliving old moments over a cup of coffee-

4. Durex

Their “Let’s not go back to normal” campaign marks a much-needed attempt to change for the better, utilizing the Covid era in a clever way. As the global pandemic revolutionized digitalization in a grand way, Durex plans to revolutionize the society and its mindsets on condoms- rubbish excuses for not wearing them, shaming women for carrying them, and many more-

5. Hyundai

While the automobile industry has more or less come to a standstill owing to the global pandemic, Hyundai embraces safety as a feature that it specializes in. Keeping in mind the pandemic period, and how much safety is important nowadays, they clearly envisioned the connection between safety and mobility-

While trending campaigns still remain many in the market even during the pandemic, these inspiring ones really caught our eyes with some “food for thought” in a much direct manner rather than beating around the bush. If you’re looking forward to introducing a powerful marketing campaign in this Covid-19 era, these 5 strategies are not just going to inspire you to leave your mark in the market, but also motivate your audience in living better and meaningful lives.


Digital Piloto, April 26, 2021

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