What is and how does a Digital Marketing Consultancy work?

Have you heard of a digital marketing consultancy? You may have a vague idea of what it entails. But for many, "consulting" is a term that is used as a bandage for everything that they cannot clearly define.

Therefore, in this article, we will answer all your questions about what it is, how it works, and why many companies need one.

So, what is a digital marketing consultancy?

By definition, digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, screen advertising, and any other digital medium.

Consulting services in digital marketing aim to target consumers in the right way, to obtain the best results, and meet the needs of companies.

As a digital marketing consultant, we work with companies of all types and sizes, and we determine the best way to attract and convert clients and potential clients. Which results in more growth and income for your business.

And while it is true that there is much more than that (and you can continue reading more here), generally speaking, that is the practice with which we work to obtain the results of the clients.

How we achieve these results is a completely different story.

The daily responsibilities of a digital marketing consultant include:

  1. Audit a customer's online presence, from the website to social media accounts
  2. Development of Internet marketing campaigns
  3. Perform A / B testing to maximize the impact of design and copy
  4. Review the performance of a customer's campaign through Google Analytics In some cases, companies partner with a consulting firm that specializes in a specific area of ​​digital marketing. For example, your business may want to partner with a digital marketing consultancy that specializes in search engine optimization (SEO).

What does digital marketing consultancy do?

Some examples of what a digital marketing consultancy includes are:

  1. SEO
  2. Pay per click (PPC) advertising
  3. Email Marketing
  4. Content creation
  5. Social media marketing

Due to the wide variety of services that Internet marketing encompasses, many companies partner with a consultancy, allowing them access to a team of consultants specialized in all areas of digital marketing.

At Digital Piloto, for example, we have an award-winning team of digital marketing specialists, including social media specialists, creative web designers, talented web developers, and innovative content marketers.

Because we know that the success of a digital marketing consultancy comes from its ability to embrace the latest and greatest digital trends:


This is one of the greats of digital marketing, and anyone claiming the title of the consultant should have a thorough understanding of what it is, and how to improve it for each client.

Our involvement in SEO is often to strategize and supervise, while we delegate individual tasks to a team (be it your business or ours).

Here are some SEO statistics:

SEO, as you may already know, is the optimization of websites for search engines. As a consultant, our job typically involves:


The Pay Per Click is another area that is usually best left to the experts (i.e. a consultant digital marketing).

Among our functions are:

When it comes to understanding how digital marketing works, it is important to know that it is much more complicated than simply creating content.

PPC is just one of many digital marketing consulting services necessary to impact the growth of your business.

Social media consulting services

Creating an Instagram or Facebook account does not mean that you have a presence on social networks.

If you only focus on the two most popular channels, you are missing out on great opportunities.

That's where we come in as digital marketing consultants. At Digital Piloto we evaluate the specific audience of a brand and compare it with the social media channels that represent the greatest opportunities and growth.

Beyond that, we make recommendations on improvements to social media posts and ads, depending on the goals of the company.

Here are some statistics from social media:

As a consultant, we understand how to use these statistics for the benefit of your company.

Among the main consulting processes in digital marketing that we carry out are:

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the types of work required. Now, let's take a deeper look at the strategies behind our work.

Digital Marketing Consultant: Determine the business model

The first step in the work of a consultancy is to determine the business model of a brand.

This is the backbone of any strategy because it determines how that company will make money online.

Successful business models are based on reality, and we can differentiate between a get-rich-quick scheme and a model with a strong strategy to obtain a clear goal.

We help companies realize the full economic value of their product or service, highlighting its value and how customers will get it.

A strong business model is flexible too. This is often where we do our best work: recognizing growth opportunities.

Take Kodak for example. There was a time when there was nothing more sought after than the "Kodak moment." However, when digital cameras and photography began to take over space, Kodak did not embrace the change, instead sticking to its guns and prints.

Needless to say, you don't hear much about Kodak these days.

The lesson here is this: as consultants, we can not only identify the appropriate business model for a given brand but also identify ways to innovate.

To do so requires a deep understanding of a brand's target audience - their wants, needs, and values, and how a company's services align with them.

Business models can be separated into five types

1. Consulting in Digital Marketing of Electronic Commerce

This one needs little explanation - they are all over the internet, from the big players like Amazon to the smallest sites.

An e-commerce site is designed to make money online by selling products, through a web catalog and a shopping cart.

A customer visits the site, browses the catalog, selects an item, and leaves. Making the shopping experience as easy as it can be. Just "Add to cart" and "Pay".

Where a digital marketing consultant comes in:

Evaluating the actual website for ease of use and also a perfect purchasing process. We make sure multiple payment options are offered, and email campaigns are set up for customer retention and abandoned shopping carts.

We will use shopping and remarketing ads to attract new and lost customers.

In short, we will ensure that the user experience is positive, and we will work to attract potential customers.

2. Lead generation consulting

This model is just what it sounds like: generating leads for a specific business. It could be for several industries, from a local dentist's office to a community or vocational school. The success of this model is based on how many leads are collected, and how many of those leads take the desired action: make a purchase, sign up, sign up, etc.

Where a digital marketing consultant comes in:

We'll drive the entire strategy here - from the powerful content on the page to capturing targeted leads and lead magnet tactics.

This involves the essential work of determining what information to request in your lead forms, and what value you will offer in exchange for that information (free e-books, guides, training videos, free trial, among others).

3. Brand business model

Branding tells your customers what to expect from the company and the services. It also helps give a brand a unique identity, in an increasingly competitive age. Think McDonald's, and the golden arches.

This brand is iconic, and it evokes certain images and emotions in the mind of the customer. People buy based on those emotions and still based on brand loyalty.

Where a digital marketing consultant comes into play:

To help develop a strong brand identity, we'll start by gathering all the data about a company's target audience, and refining and creating clear branding guidelines for images, text, tone, colors, and more. This may be one of the most crucial digital marketing consulting services, because, essentially, we are creating the first impression of your company.

4. News consulting

The news model focuses on providing information, sometimes around a specific topic. Some of these models make money by selling subscriptions to their content, while others rely on ads.

When a digital marketing consultant comes into play:

A successful news model depends on strong and engaging content. A successful consultant knows how to deliver it smoothly and effectively.

5. Consulting FAQ

These are similar to the news models, but in general, they refer only to a very particular topic. You will see them commonly on industry blogs; an expert produces posts that address and respond to industry-specific tools, trends, and ideas.

Too often these rely on ads or niche articles like training videos to make money.

When a digital marketing consultant comes into play:

We work to build a strong position in a particular niche, among other things.

That means working to establish an industry expert position, engaging in social discussions, creating strong email campaigns, and optimizing every piece produced on the site for higher SERP rankings.

Do you need the help of a digital marketing consultant?

Your company can benefit from working with a marketing consultancy if you want to improve your relationships with current and potential clients, expand your business into new markets, or have an intimate understanding of your position in the digital marketing competition.

These reasons detailed below also determine whether or not you need the professional help of a consultant:

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